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In certain situations, it is important to communicate changes to an article hierarchy. This is important so that a buyer is informed about changes to an article hierarchy, for example, and can trigger or take measures resulting from these.

You can communicate the following changes in an article hierarchy:

        Shift of existing article hierarchy elements (nodes or articles)

        Deletion indicator for certain article hierarchy elements (nodes or articles), whose assignment validity has expired

        Reversal of the deletion flag by manual extension of the valid-to date

        Physical deletion of article hierarchy elements (nodes or articles)

These actions trigger an event in the article hierarchy. The information about this event can then be sent by e-mail or workflow task. The required business object for a workflow is called BUS1235.


The workflow itself is not delivered in the standard system and has to be implemented on a customer-specific basis.

The change to an article hierarchy is logged in a change document. When this event is linked to an article hierarchy change, an event is generated.

If you have set the indicator for change documents in Customizing, every change to the structure and article assignments in an active article hierarchy causes the relevant event to be generated, which consequently can start a workflow, for example.


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