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Modifying the Properties of a Workspace TemplateLocate this document in the navigation structure


You are assigned the Workspace System Administration role.


You can modify the properties of a workspace template, including its name, description, language. You can also modify the default template. Note that changes that you make do not affect workspaces that have already been created using the template.


  1. In the portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path Workspace Administration Next navigation step Workspace Templates End of the navigation path.
  2. Select the template that you want to modify.
  3. Choose Properties from the table that contains the template.

    The Template Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Modify the properties as necessary:
    • Name - A clear and distinctive name

    • Description - The purpose and contents of the template

    • Maximum Number of Pages - The maximum number of pages for workspaces that use this template. If no value is specified, the number of pages is unlimited.

    • Maximum Number of Modules Per Page - The maximum number of modules per page for workspaces that use this template. If no value is specified, the number of modules is unlimited.

    • Master Language - The language represents the master locale and affects the translation of the template name and description. At a later stage, the template should be translated to all supported languages.


      When a user creates a workspace based on an SAP-provided template, the pages are copied from the template and the page title is copied using the master language of the template. If you want the title of the first page to be in a different language, create another template with the required language as the master language. When users create a workspace based on the new template, all page titles including the first page can be translated to this language.

    • Filter IDs - When the Apply Desktop Filter feature is set to true, specify one or more filter IDs, separated by semicolons, to filter this template and any workspaces created from it, according to the desktop in use. For more information about the Apply Desktop Filter feature, see the section about Workspace Options in Configuring Features.

    • Set as default - Select the check box, to specify this template as the default template. If it is already the default, the check box is disabled.


    You can also set the default template by selecting it in the table of templates, and choosing Set as Default.

  5. Choose OK.