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You can edit your profile information in all fields that have been configured by the administrator to allow editing.


For single-value attributes, when you edit the attribute values from offline or online data sources, the new values are stored in a separate offline user data source. By default, the user data source has the highest priority in the display order. Therefore, when you make changes to a single-value attribute, the new value is displayed, but the previous values are not overwritten. Similarly, the change is not overwritten by a new offline or online data source.

For multi-value attributes, the values of all data providers are presented. When you add a new attribute value, it is displayed according to the display order of the user data source that was defined for the attribute by the administrator.

  1. Open the My Profile window from Start of the navigation path Social Hub Next navigation step People Next navigation step My Profile End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose Edit.

    The fields that you are allowed to edit become editable.

  3. Make changes to fields in all tabs, as required.

    In a multi-value attribute field:

    • You can add entries using the Add button.

    • You can change or delete entries that you added. In edit mode, a Delete icon appears next to the entries that you can edit.

    • You cannot change or delete entries from an online or offline data source.

    After you make a change, a reset icon is displayed next to the modified field.

    Click the icon to reset the attribute to its original value. In a multi-value attribute, all the entries that you added are deleted. The reset takes effect after saving changes.

  4. To reset all profile settings to their original values, choose Reset All.

  5. Choose Save to save all changes in the profile.

Notifications are displayed as you complete an action. At any time, you can view notifications by hovering over the minimized notifications bar, and you can also delete them.