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Creating a Universal Worklist ChannelLocate this document in the navigation structure


You create a Universal Worklist channel to display the items in a Universal Worklist view, in an enterprise feed. The Universal Worklist channel shows items for the user currently logged in at runtime.

  • The enterprise feed in which to create the channel has been created.

  • You are assigned the portal Content Admin role.

  1. In the portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path Content Administration Next navigation step Portal Content Management End of the navigation path.

  2. In the Portal Catalog, select the enterprise feed in which to create the channel.

  3. In the context menu of the enterprise feed, choose Start of the navigation path Open Next navigation step Enterprise Feed End of the navigation path.

  4. In the Channels tab, choose New.

  5. In the list of Available Templates, select Universal Worklist Channel.

  6. Choose Next.

  7. In the Object Name field, enter a name for the channel, and specify values for the other properties as required.

  8. Choose Next.

  9. In the Universal Worklist Views table, select the view for this channel.

    You can use the filter field to help you locate the required view.

  10. Specify values for the following properties, as required:



    Item Display Date

    The name of the date field to display for the Universal Worklist items returned by the selected view.

    For example, for the out-of-the-box view, Default View, which displays Universal Worklist tasks, the valid values are createdDate and dueDate.

    The valid date fields for a specific view are maintained in the Universal Worklist configuration files.

    Icon URI

    The URI of the icon to display for this channel.

    Valid formats are: GIF, PNG, JPEG.

    Enter either the full path ( http://...), a path that is relative to the application, such as /<application name>/images/<file>, or a PCD path in the Web Resource Repository (use the Copy ID option).

    Sort Priority

    A numeric value that determines the order in which to display, in viewer applications, the groups of entries in a channel. The lower the number, the earlier the entry group is displayed.


    This property is relevant only for channels in enterprise feeds for which the display mode is By Channel.

  11. Choose Next and then Finish.

The channel is added to the list of Channels in the Channels tab.

You can create additional channels, and open or remove existing channels.