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Using Universal Worklist on Mobile DevicesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use the mobile version of the Universal Worklist to access your own UWL tasks on the following mobile devices:

  • Enterprise workspaces users: on tablets. By default, the Universal Worklist module is available in the module gallery and you can add it to your personal workspace.

  • Portal users: on smartphones and tablets. The portal content administrator can add the Universal Worklist for Mobile iView to any mobile role.


No matter where you access the Universal Worklist for Mobile iView or module, you will always see only your own tasks (the tasks of the currently logged in user). If there are tasks for which you are the delegated or substituted user, you will also see those tasks in your task list.


You can perform the following operations:

  • View the task list, select tasks and access task details, for example, memos, history, priority, status, attachments, and available actions:

    • On a tablet, in landscape view, the detailed view of a selected task is automatically displayed to the right of the list when you tap a task.

    • On a smartphone or on a tablet in portrait view, tap a task to access its detailed view.


    If the user photo service is configured, the photo of the user who last forwarded or created the task is displayed in the task details.

  • Refresh the task list by swiping it down when needed. Drag the task list upwards to automatically load additional tasks to the display. Due to performance issues, the list is not refreshed automatically.

  • Search and filter task titles; if you refresh the task list, it will be filtered according to the current search text.

  • View the available actions according to the filter set by the administrator.

  • Choose and perform an action on a task. The selected action is performed and the UWL back-end system is updated accordingly.