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A relationship defines the type of connection between a source entity and a target entity.

When creating a new relationship, you define the source and target entities, and the type of the relationship. Then you map the source and target entities to the corresponding columns in the data source files. For example, you can define a relationship named Manager, where both the source entity and the target entity are Employee, and the relationship type is Reports to. In this case, you map the source entity to the EmployeeID column and the target entity to the ManagerID column in the data source file.

After you have defined a relationship you can view its properties at any time.

Relationship Properties

The following table describes the properties of a relationship:




Defines the display name for the relationship.

Source Entity/Target Entity

Defines the source and target entities in the relationship.

Relationship Type

Defines the type of the relationship, from the source entity to the target entity.

You can select an existing relationship type, such as Business contact or Reports to, or create a new type.


Defines the topology of the relationship. For example: Symmetric, Asymmetric, or Tree.

Maximum Levels

Defines the maximum number of levels to display in the relationship graph.

The default value is -1, which means there is no limit.