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Enabling Mobile Homepage Capabilities and Importing TemplatesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You are assigned the portal System Administration role and the Workspace System Administration role.


Mobile homepage functionality is available only when running enterprise workspaces on SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3x SP09 or higher.


Before you create mobile homepages, you must enable the mobile homepage capabilities to activate the predefined mobile homepage template and content, and import all available mobile homepage templates. The mobile homepage templates that are available depend on the SAP NetWeaver Portal usage type that is installed (EPC or EP).

In addition, after updating your enterprise workspaces version, or after upgrading from SAP NetWeaver Portal usage type EPC to usage type EP, you need to import any new templates that may be available.


The Create Mobile Homepage button in the Workspace Directory is disabled until you enable the mobile homepage capabilities.

You only need to perform the activation once for each enterprise workspaces installation.

When new templates are available after a version update (not a usage type update), a message is displayed to the workspace system administrator each time he or she accesses the workspace directory, until the new templates are imported.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Workspace Administration Next navigation step Configuration End of the navigation path.
  2. Choose the Tools tab.
  3. In the Mobile Homepage tool, choose Go.
  4. In the displayed screen, choose Enable Mobile Homepage if you are enabling mobile homepage capabilities for the first time, or choose Import Templates if you have already enabled mobile homepage capabilities and now need to import all new mobile homepage templates.

    Mobile homepage capabilities are enabled (if required) and all new templates are imported, according to the installed SAP NetWeaver Portal usage type. You can now go to the Workspace Directory and create a mobile homepage using the new mobile homepage templates.


    You can re-import the templates at any stage by choosing the Import Templates button as needed.