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Using the Enterprise Feed ModuleLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You are assigned the Shared Workspace Creation role or the Personal Workspace Creation role.

  • Enterprise feeds have been created in the portal.


Use this module to display a single enterprise feed. An enterprise feed is a container that enables you to aggregate content items from different channels. A channel is a content source that provides content items (or entries). The channel types provided by SAP include: Knowledge Management (KM) News, RSS, and Universal Worklist.

When you add the Enterprise Feed module to a workspace, you must configure the enterprise feed by selecting, from a gallery, the feed to display. The gallery displays all the enterprise feed objects defined in the system, for which you have access permissions. In the settings of the module, you can also define the maximum number of entries returned by each channel in the feed.


  1. After you add the Enterprise Feed module to a workspace, you must configure the feed to display in the module.

    Choose Configure Module.

    A gallery is displayed containing all the enterprise feeds in the system for which you have access permissions.

    You can hover over an enterprise feed to view the channels contained in the feed.

    You can search for a feed or channel name. The search is not case sensitive.

  2. Choose Select Feed to select the enterprise feed to display in the module.
  3. Choose Done.

    The feed entries are displayed in the module, according to the configuration of the enterprise feed: by channel, or in a flat list.

    To return to the gallery to select a different enterprise feed, use the Configure Module icon.

  4. When the entries are displayed by channel, you see a list of channels.

    To view the list of entries in a specific channel, choose the View icon of the channel.

    To return to the list of channels, choose the Channel List link.

  5. When viewing a list of entries (either of a channel, or in a flat list):
    • Use the view icons to select how to view each entry: Display Title and Summary Description, or Display Title and Image.

    • Select an entry to display its contents.

  6. To configure the maximum number of entries that is returned by each channel in the feed, choose Options, choose Settings, and set the value of the Number of Entries in Grouped View field as required. If this number is also defined for channels in the enterprise feed, then the lower number is retrieved.

    Choose Done to save your changes.

  7. After you have configured the modules for the workspace, perform final configurations, such as adding members and managers, and publish the workspace.


When users open the mobile homepage on an iPad device, the Enterprise Feed modules display either a list of channels or a list of entries. Users can tap a channel to view its entries, and they can tap an entry to view its contents. In Universal Worklist channels, users may also be able to perform actions, depending on the configuration of the channel.