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To read the contents of a specific tracked process.

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Business Context and Use

The Read Tracked Process inbound operation reads the contents of a specific tracked process.  The operation returns basic information about the tracked process including tracking data, control and information properties, measurement data, status, and events.Consider a purchasing scenario that begins with the creation of a purchase order for a material. The purchase order can be created with reference to a purchase requisition, or it can be created without reference to any prior document. If the purchase order is subject to a tracked process, the progress of the purchase order (from creation through to payment) can be tracked at line item level.To determine if a tracked process exists for this purchasing scenario, the user can search all available tracked processes using the Find Tracked Process by elements operation.  This operation returns tracked processes that match the criteria specified, such as header, properties, or tracking ID.  The details of an individual process can be investigated using the Read Tracked Process operation.

Related Operations

The Find Tracked Process by elements operation searches all tracked processes in the back-end system for processes that match specified criteria, such as header, properties, or tracking ID. The Read Tracked Process operation can then be used to investigate an individual tracked process from the returned results.


You use the Read Tracked Process operation to read the contents of a specific tracked process and return basic details of the process. The unique ID of the tracked process is used as input to this operation.  In addition, you can nominate other types of tracked process data to be retrieved as follows:

  • Tracking data

  • Control properties

  • Information properties

  • Measure data

  • Status

  • Consolidated events

The operation returns the tracked process header data, including extension properties. An extension propertys is a special type of property that is relevant for query performance.  Extension properties can include data such as vendor or order number. The operation also returns tracked process details corresponding to the nominated data.If the tracked process does not exist or cannot be found, an error message is returned.

Error Handling

The operation returns an error if the tracked process data cannot be retrieved.  This can occur, for example, if the tracked process has been deleted or archived.  This can also occur if the tracking ID is incorrect or invalid.

Message Types

  • TrackedProcessByIDQueryMessage_sync

  • TrackedProcessByIDResponse_sync

Notes on SAP Implementation

For more information about SAP implementation requirements, see the Tracked Process business object


The BAdI: Retrieve Event Handler (/SAPTRX/SE_EH_RETRIEVAL) Business Add-In (BAdI) is available for this operation.