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To request to create a new tracked process or update an existing tracked process.

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Business Context and Use

The Maintain Tracked Process inbound operation is used to request the creation of a new tracked process or to update an existing tracked process.  A tracked process represents either a business process or a business object that is to be tracked.  A tracked process is defined by events and by tracking data.

When a tracked process is created, due dates and times of expected events are determined based on the expected event profile as defined in the back-end system. For example, an order acknowledgement may be expected five work days following the purchase order creation date.

Tracking data is also required in order to report on events. This data must also be transferred by the operation and created together with the tracked process.  In a procurement process, tracking data can refer to a purchase order number, or a combination of purchase order number and line item number.

Consider a purchasing scenario that begins with the creation of a purchase order for a material. The purchase order can be created with reference to a purchase requisition, or it can be created without reference to any prior document. If the purchase order is subject to a tracked process, the progress of the purchase order (from creation through to payment) can be tracked at line item level.If the required tracked process has not yet been created, the user can use the Maintain Tracked Process operation to create the required tracked process.  The creation of the process is confirmed via the Confirm Tracked Process operation.

Related Operations

The Confirm Tracked Process operation returns a confirmation that the tracked process changes have been made.


You use the Maintain Tracked Process operation to create, change or delete a tracked process.

The input values for this operation include the application object ID and tracking ID. These identifiers are mandatory and their use ensures that the tracked process can be uniquely identified.The remaining input values depend on the process that is being tracked. Input values are required according to the following general criteria:

  • Attributes, such as control data and information that are used to control the process or simply to convey information via the user interface.  In a purchasing scenario, attributes can include data such as reference number, order numbers, supplier and delivery address information (emails, URLs). 

  • Tracking data, such as action code, master use indicator, tracking ID, supplementary ID, provider party, start date, end date

  • Event data, such as tracked process event code, expected date and time, duration, address

  • Measures, such as type code, planned measure, allowed maximums and minimums

There are several possibilities to define reactions during the process, and to start actions and workflows (for example, to send an email). These reactions must be set up in the back-end system and are executed based on the data that is sent with this operation.

Error Handling

The operation returns an error if the tracked process cannot be created or changed.  If this occurs, you need to check the Customizing settings in the back-end system.

Message Types

  • Tracked Process Request


The Maintain Tracked Process operation can only be used if the Tracked Process business object is active in the back-end system.

Notes on SAP Implementation

For more information about SAP implementation requirements, see the Tracked Process business object


The BAdI: Create, Update, or Change Event Handler (/SAPTRX/SE_EH_CRE_UPD_DEL) Business Add-In (BAdI) is available for this operation.