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The Java Archiving Cockpit is the central user interface for the administration of XML DAS archiving sessions created by an application running in an Application System Java (AS Java). The Java Archiving Cockpit offers functions for manually starting, or scheduling, the write and delete phases, and for configuring the properties of XML archiving sets. It also contains an archiving monitor for checking the progress and state of archiving sessions.

Implementation Considerations

The Java Archiving Cockpit is part of the SAPNetWeaver Administrator (NWA). You can call the Java Archiving Cockpit in the NWA in the following manners:

       Choose SOperations Management   Data and Databases thenJava Archiving Cockpit

       Quick link /nwa/archcockpit


The Java Archiving Cockpit offers the following functions:

Archiving Monitor: This area enables you to monitor the progress of archiving sessions and displays statistics about how many objects have been written or deleted, and by whom. To keep the list in the Archiving Monitor small, you can manually remove items from the list and view them in the Hierarchy.

Hierarchy: From here you can view the hierarchy of collections that have been archived, and display statistics for individual archiving sessions. The information you view is always for a specific system.

Write: From here you can start archiving sessions by choosing an archiving set and entering the appropriate selection criteria.

Delete: From here you can start the delete phase for data that has been written as resources to collections, but has not yet been deleted from the database.

Configure: With this function you can view home paths for archiving sets. You can also modify the properties of archiving sets.

Related Tasks: This area contains links to relevant functions in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, including the XML DAS Administration and if applicable, for example in the case of the write and delete phases, to the Advanced Scheduling of Archiving Jobs function.

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