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Procedure documentation Consuming a Web Service Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To consume a Web service, you can create a proxy for the Web service in the ABAP Workbench using a WSDL document as a basis. This can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

The role of the Web service client developer has been created so that Web services can be consumed:

The Web service client developer has the task of integrating existing Web services into existing applications. He knows the specific requirements for the Web service and creates the client proxy. He then programs the client application.


To create or consume Web services, you need the authorizations associated with the role SAP_BC_WEBSERVICE_ADMIN.



       1.      Call the Object Navigator (SE80) and create the proxy object. (See also: Structure linkGenerating Proxies.)

       2.      Create a logical port to define the runtime features of the Web service client proxy. (See also: Creating a Logical Port.)

       3.      Program your application. (See also: Programming with Client and Server Proxies.)


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