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Entering Level 1 Node BW – SAP RetailBW – SAP RetailLeaving Level 1 Node BW – SAP Retail
   Entering Level 2 Node Retail TerminologyRetail TerminologyLeaving Level 2 Node Retail Terminology
   Entering Level 2 Node Analysis ScenariosAnalysis ScenariosLeaving Level 2 Node Analysis Scenarios
      Entering Level 3 Node Merchandise and Assortment PlanningMerchandise and Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 3 Node Merchandise and Assortment Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise PlanningMerchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment PlanningAssortment PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Store PlanningStore PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Store Planning
      Entering Level 3 Node POS AnalyticsPOS AnalyticsLeaving Level 3 Node POS Analytics
         Entering Level 4 Node Event AnalyticsEvent AnalyticsLeaving Level 4 Node Event Analytics
         Entering Level 4 Node Store/Article AnalyticsStore/Article AnalyticsLeaving Level 4 Node Store/Article Analytics
         Entering Level 4 Node Cashier AnalyticsCashier AnalyticsLeaving Level 4 Node Cashier Analytics
      Entering Level 3 Node Trading ContractTrading ContractLeaving Level 3 Node Trading Contract
      Entering Level 3 Node Agency BusinessAgency BusinessLeaving Level 3 Node Agency Business
   Entering Level 2 Node Merchandise and Assortment PlanningMerchandise and Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 2 Node Merchandise and Assortment Planning
      Entering Level 3 Node Analysis ScenariosAnalysis ScenariosLeaving Level 3 Node Analysis Scenarios
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise and Assortment PlanningMerchandise and Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise and Assortment Planning
            Entering Level 5 Node Merchandise PlanningMerchandise PlanningLeaving Level 5 Node Merchandise Planning
            Entering Level 5 Node Assortment PlanningAssortment PlanningLeaving Level 5 Node Assortment Planning
            Entering Level 5 Node Store PlanningStore PlanningLeaving Level 5 Node Store Planning
      Entering Level 3 Node RolesRolesLeaving Level 3 Node Roles
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment PlannerAssortment PlannerLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planner
         Entering Level 4 Node Location PlannerLocation PlannerLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planner
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise PlannerMerchandise PlannerLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planner
         Entering Level 4 Node Planning VPPlanning VPLeaving Level 4 Node Planning VP
      Entering Level 3 Node QueriesQueriesLeaving Level 3 Node Queries
         Entering Level 4 Node Cross Category Analysis and AssessmentCross Category Analysis and AssessmentLeaving Level 4 Node Cross Category Analysis and Assessment
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales ScorecardSales ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Sales Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Inventory ScorecardInventory ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Inventory Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Productivity ScorecardProductivity ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Productivity Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales/Receipts ExceptionsSales/Receipts ExceptionsLeaving Level 4 Node Sales/Receipts Exceptions
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales and Markdown SharesSales and Markdown SharesLeaving Level 4 Node Sales and Markdown Shares
         Entering Level 4 Node Plan Comparison Merchandise Plan/Rollout PlanPlan Comparison Merchandise Plan/Rollout PlanLeaving Level 4 Node Plan Comparison Merchandise Plan/Rollout Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Regional AnalysisRegional AnalysisLeaving Level 4 Node Regional Analysis
         Entering Level 4 Node Location ScorecardLocation ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Location Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Inventory ScorecardLocation Inventory ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Location Inventory Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Productivity ScorecardLocation Productivity ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Location Productivity Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Plan AnalysisPlan AnalysisLeaving Level 4 Node Plan Analysis
         Entering Level 4 Node Comparable Sales AnalysisComparable Sales AnalysisLeaving Level 4 Node Comparable Sales Analysis
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Analysis and AssessmentAssortment Analysis and AssessmentLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Analysis and Assessment
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales Coverage of ProductsSales Coverage of ProductsLeaving Level 4 Node Sales Coverage of Products
         Entering Level 4 Node Plan Analysis for FashionPlan Analysis for FashionLeaving Level 4 Node Plan Analysis for Fashion
         Entering Level 4 Node Comparable Sales AnalysisComparable Sales AnalysisLeaving Level 4 Node Comparable Sales Analysis
         Entering Level 4 Node Fashion Sales ScorecardFashion Sales ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Fashion Sales Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Basics Sales ScorecardBasics Sales ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Basics Sales Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Fashion Inventory ScorecardFashion Inventory ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Fashion Inventory Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Basics Inventory ScorecardBasics Inventory ScorecardLeaving Level 4 Node Basics Inventory Scorecard
         Entering Level 4 Node Productivity Scorecard for FashionProductivity Scorecard for FashionLeaving Level 4 Node Productivity Scorecard for Fashion
         Entering Level 4 Node Productivity Scorecard for BasicsProductivity Scorecard for BasicsLeaving Level 4 Node Productivity Scorecard for Basics
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales and Receipts ExceptionsSales and Receipts ExceptionsLeaving Level 4 Node Sales and Receipts Exceptions
         Entering Level 4 Node Top N% SellersTop N% SellersLeaving Level 4 Node Top N% Sellers
         Entering Level 4 Node Slow Seller ManagementSlow Seller ManagementLeaving Level 4 Node Slow Seller Management
         Entering Level 4 Node Planned Purchase OrdersPlanned Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 4 Node Planned Purchase Orders
         Entering Level 4 Node Comparison Location/Merchandise/Strategic PlansComparison Location/Merchandise/Strategic PlansLeaving Level 4 Node Comparison Location/Merchandise/Strategic Plans
         Entering Level 4 Node Comparison Rollout/Style PlansComparison Rollout/Style PlansLeaving Level 4 Node Comparison Rollout/Style Plans
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoCubesInfoCubesLeaving Level 3 Node InfoCubes
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: ControllingAssortment Planning: ControllingLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Inventory by WeekAssortment Planning: Inventory by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Inventory by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: POS Sales by WeekAssortment Planning: POS Sales by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: POS Sales by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: PlanAssortment Planning: PlanLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Assortment Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Leaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: ControllingLocation Planning: ControllingLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: Inventory by MonthLocation Planning: Inventory by MonthLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: Inventory by Month
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: Inventory by WeekLocation Planning: Inventory by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: Inventory by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: POS Sales by MonthLocation Planning: POS Sales by MonthLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: POS Sales by Month
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: POS Sales by WeekLocation Planning: POS Sales by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: POS Sales by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: PlanLocation Planning: PlanLeaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Location Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Location Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Leaving Level 4 Node Location Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)
         Entering Level 4 Node Strategic/Merchandise/Rollout Plan, ControllingStrategic/Merchandise/Rollout Plan, ControllingLeaving Level 4 Node Strategic/Merchandise/Rollout Plan, Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Inventory by MonthMerchandise Planning: Inventory by MonthLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Inventory by Month
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Inventory by WeekMerchandise Planning: Inventory by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Inventory by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: POS Sales by MonthMerchandise Planning: POS Sales by MonthLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: POS Sales by Month
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: POS Sales by WeekMerchandise Planning: POS Sales by WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: POS Sales by Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: PlanMerchandise Planning: PlanLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Plan
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Merchandise Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)Leaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Planning: Plan (Actuals Copy)
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Plan/Location Plan ComparisonMerchandise Plan/Location Plan ComparisonLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Plan/Location Plan Comparison
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoSourcesInfoSourcesLeaving Level 3 Node InfoSources
         Entering Level 4 Node Plant (Export InfoSource)Plant (Export InfoSource)Leaving Level 4 Node Plant (Export InfoSource)
         Entering Level 4 Node Retail LocationRetail LocationLeaving Level 4 Node Retail Location
         Entering Level 4 Node Rollout (Export InfoSource)Rollout (Export InfoSource)Leaving Level 4 Node Rollout (Export InfoSource)
         Entering Level 4 Node SKU RolloutSKU RolloutLeaving Level 4 Node SKU Rollout
      Entering Level 3 Node Key FiguresKey FiguresLeaving Level 3 Node Key Figures
         Entering Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor (BUOM)Allowance Vendor (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at CostAllowance Vendor at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at RetailAllowance Vendor at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at Retail with TaxAllowance Vendor at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Allowance Vendor at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Contract at (BUOM)Contract at (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Contract at (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Contract at CostContract at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Contract at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Contract at RetailContract at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Contract at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Contract at Retail with TaxContract at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Contract at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Include FlagInclude FlagLeaving Level 4 Node Include Flag
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason ATS (BUOM)Inseason ATS (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Inseason ATS (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at CostInseason ATS at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at RetailInseason ATS at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at Retail with TaxInseason ATS at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason ATS at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason OTB (BUOM)Inseason OTB (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Inseason OTB (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at CostInseason OTB at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at RetailInseason OTB at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at Retail with TaxInseason OTB at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Inseason OTB at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock (BUOM)Last Planned Stock (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at CostLast Planned Stock at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at RetailLast Planned Stock at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at Retail with TaxLast Planned Stock at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Last Planned Stock at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Markdown PercentageMarkdown PercentageLeaving Level 4 Node Markdown Percentage
         Entering Level 4 Node Maximum Presentation QuantityMaximum Presentation QuantityLeaving Level 4 Node Maximum Presentation Quantity
         Entering Level 4 Node Maximum Presentation Quantity from SOPMaximum Presentation Quantity from SOPLeaving Level 4 Node Maximum Presentation Quantity from SOP
         Entering Level 4 Node Minimum Presentation QuantityMinimum Presentation QuantityLeaving Level 4 Node Minimum Presentation Quantity
         Entering Level 4 Node Minimum Presentation Quantity from SOPMinimum Presentation Quantity from SOPLeaving Level 4 Node Minimum Presentation Quantity from SOP
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments (BUOM)Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at CostMiscellaneous Stock Adjustments at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at RetailMiscellaneous Stock Adjustments at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at Retail with TaxMiscellaneous Stock Adjustments at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Stock Adjustments at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers (BUOM)Miscellaneous Transfers (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at CostMiscellaneous Transfers at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at RetailMiscellaneous Transfers at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at Retail with TaxMiscellaneous Transfers at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Miscellaneous Transfers at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of ColorsNumber of ColorsLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Colors
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of FacingsNumber of FacingsLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Facings
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of Facings from SOPNumber of Facings from SOPLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Facings from SOP
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of FrontsNumber of FrontsLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Fronts
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of Fronts from SOPNumber of Fronts from SOPLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Fronts from SOP
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of LocationsNumber of LocationsLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Locations
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of ObjectsNumber of ObjectsLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Objects
         Entering Level 4 Node Number of StylesNumber of StylesLeaving Level 4 Node Number of Styles
         Entering Level 4 Node Open Purchase Orders (Vendor) at RetailOpen Purchase Orders (Vendor) at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Open Purchase Orders (Vendor) at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Open Purchase Orders (Vendor) at Retail with TaxOpen Purchase Orders (Vendor) at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Open Purchase Orders (Vendor) at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Optimum Presentation QuantityOptimum Presentation QuantityLeaving Level 4 Node Optimum Presentation Quantity
         Entering Level 4 Node Optimum Presentation Quantity from SOPOptimum Presentation Quantity from SOPLeaving Level 4 Node Optimum Presentation Quantity from SOP
         Entering Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders (BUOM)Pending Purchase Orders (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at CostPending Purchase Orders at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at RetailPending Purchase Orders at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at Retail with TaxPending Purchase Orders at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Pending Purchase Orders at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Planned CostPlanned CostLeaving Level 4 Node Planned Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Planned RetailPlanned RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Planned Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Planned Sales RatioPlanned Sales RatioLeaving Level 4 Node Planned Sales Ratio
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason ATS (BUOM)Preseason ATS (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Preseason ATS (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at CostPreseason ATS at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at RetailPreseason ATS at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at Retail with TaxPreseason ATS at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason ATS at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason OTB (BUOM)Preseason OTB (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Preseason OTB (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at CostPreseason OTB at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at RetailPreseason OTB at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at Retail with TaxPreseason OTB at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Preseason OTB at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers (BUOM)Seasonal Transfers (BUOM)Leaving Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers (BUOM)
         Entering Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at CostSeasonal Transfers at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at RetailSeasonal Transfers at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at Retail with TaxSeasonal Transfers at Retail with TaxLeaving Level 4 Node Seasonal Transfers at Retail with Tax
         Entering Level 4 Node Target Sales RatioTarget Sales RatioLeaving Level 4 Node Target Sales Ratio
         Entering Level 4 Node Total Square FeetTotal Square FeetLeaving Level 4 Node Total Square Feet
         Entering Level 4 Node Upper Sales Ratio LimitUpper Sales Ratio LimitLeaving Level 4 Node Upper Sales Ratio Limit
         Entering Level 4 Node Weighted SalesWeighted SalesLeaving Level 4 Node Weighted Sales
         Entering Level 4 Node Weighted Shelf Optimization IndexWeighted Shelf Optimization IndexLeaving Level 4 Node Weighted Shelf Optimization Index
      Entering Level 3 Node CharacteristicsCharacteristicsLeaving Level 3 Node Characteristics
         Entering Level 4 Node AssortmentAssortmentLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Location AssignmentAssortment Location AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Location Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Product AssortmentProduct AssortmentLeaving Level 4 Node Product Assortment
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Version Product AssignmentAssortment Version Product AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Version Product Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment Version Release StatusAssortment Version Release StatusLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Version Release Status
         Entering Level 4 Node ColorColorLeaving Level 4 Node Color
         Entering Level 4 Node Color CategoryColor CategoryLeaving Level 4 Node Color Category
         Entering Level 4 Node Discontinuation DateDiscontinuation DateLeaving Level 4 Node Discontinuation Date
         Entering Level 4 Node Industry SectorIndustry SectorLeaving Level 4 Node Industry Sector
         Entering Level 4 Node Flag Relative PeriodsFlag Relative PeriodsLeaving Level 4 Node Flag Relative Periods
         Entering Level 4 Node Key Product IndicatorKey Product IndicatorLeaving Level 4 Node Key Product Indicator
         Entering Level 4 Node Layout ModuleLayout ModuleLeaving Level 4 Node Layout Module
         Entering Level 4 Node Markdown PeriodMarkdown PeriodLeaving Level 4 Node Markdown Period
         Entering Level 4 Node Markdown ProfileMarkdown ProfileLeaving Level 4 Node Markdown Profile
         Entering Level 4 Node Markdown Profile (Price Reduction)Markdown Profile (Price Reduction)Leaving Level 4 Node Markdown Profile (Price Reduction)
         Entering Level 4 Node Master Data Release StatusMaster Data Release StatusLeaving Level 4 Node Master Data Release Status
         Entering Level 4 Node Replacement ProductReplacement ProductLeaving Level 4 Node Replacement Product
         Entering Level 4 Node Replacement DateReplacement DateLeaving Level 4 Node Replacement Date
         Entering Level 4 Node Replenishment Date FromReplenishment Date FromLeaving Level 4 Node Replenishment Date From
         Entering Level 4 Node Replenishment Date ToReplenishment Date ToLeaving Level 4 Node Replenishment Date To
         Entering Level 4 Node Replenishment ProfileReplenishment ProfileLeaving Level 4 Node Replenishment Profile
         Entering Level 4 Node RolloutRolloutLeaving Level 4 Node Rollout
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales PatternSales PatternLeaving Level 4 Node Sales Pattern
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales Pattern (Period)Sales Pattern (Period)Leaving Level 4 Node Sales Pattern (Period)
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales Ratio IntervalSales Ratio IntervalLeaving Level 4 Node Sales Ratio Interval
         Entering Level 4 Node Selling PeriodSelling PeriodLeaving Level 4 Node Selling Period
         Entering Level 4 Node SizeSizeLeaving Level 4 Node Size
         Entering Level 4 Node Size RangeSize RangeLeaving Level 4 Node Size Range
         Entering Level 4 Node Slow Seller Management ProductSlow Seller Management ProductLeaving Level 4 Node Slow Seller Management Product
         Entering Level 4 Node Style Color AssignmentStyle Color AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Style Color Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Substitution ProductSubstitution ProductLeaving Level 4 Node Substitution Product
         Entering Level 4 Node Volume GroupVolume GroupLeaving Level 4 Node Volume Group
   Entering Level 2 Node Profit Center Analytics in RetailProfit Center Analytics in RetailLeaving Level 2 Node Profit Center Analytics in Retail
   Entering Level 2 Node Customer Loyalty MarketingCustomer Loyalty MarketingLeaving Level 2 Node Customer Loyalty Marketing
   Entering Level 2 Node Store ControllingStore ControllingLeaving Level 2 Node Store Controlling
      Entering Level 3 Node Merging Master DataMerging Master DataLeaving Level 3 Node Merging Master Data
      Entering Level 3 Node Updating Master DataUpdating Master DataLeaving Level 3 Node Updating Master Data
      Entering Level 3 Node Determining Posting PeriodsDetermining Posting PeriodsLeaving Level 3 Node Determining Posting Periods
      Entering Level 3 Node Specific Controls Using InfoObject 0RT_INFAREASpecific Controls Using InfoObject 0RT_INFAREALeaving Level 3 Node Specific Controls Using InfoObject 0RT_INFAREA
      Entering Level 3 Node Store Controlling Movement Data InfoSourcesStore Controlling Movement Data InfoSourcesLeaving Level 3 Node Store Controlling Movement Data InfoSources
         Entering Level 4 Node Cost Centers: Actual Costs Through Delta ExtractionCost Centers: Actual Costs Through Delta ExtractionLeaving Level 4 Node Cost Centers: Actual Costs Through Delta Extraction
         Entering Level 4 Node Billing Document-Item Data (from 20B)Billing Document-Item Data (from 20B)Leaving Level 4 Node Billing Document-Item Data (from 20B)
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock InitializationStock InitializationLeaving Level 4 Node Stock Initialization
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at RetailRevaluation at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Payroll DataPayroll DataLeaving Level 4 Node Payroll Data
         Entering Level 4 Node Personnel Actual TimesPersonnel Actual TimesLeaving Level 4 Node Personnel Actual Times
         Entering Level 4 Node Personnel Planned TimesPersonnel Planned TimesLeaving Level 4 Node Personnel Planned Times
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoCubes Store ControllingInfoCubes Store ControllingLeaving Level 3 Node InfoCubes Store Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Store ControllingStore ControllingLeaving Level 4 Node Store Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Store CostsStore CostsLeaving Level 4 Node Store Costs
         Entering Level 4 Node LogisticsLogisticsLeaving Level 4 Node Logistics
         Entering Level 4 Node Personnel TimesPersonnel TimesLeaving Level 4 Node Personnel Times
         Entering Level 4 Node PayrollPayrollLeaving Level 4 Node Payroll
      Entering Level 3 Node Store Controlling QueriesStore Controlling QueriesLeaving Level 3 Node Store Controlling Queries
         Entering Level 4 Node Store SalesStore SalesLeaving Level 4 Node Store Sales
         Entering Level 4 Node Store Range of CoverageStore Range of CoverageLeaving Level 4 Node Store Range of Coverage
         Entering Level 4 Node Store ProfitabilityStore ProfitabilityLeaving Level 4 Node Store Profitability
         Entering Level 4 Node Costs/Sales Development: StoreCosts/Sales Development: StoreLeaving Level 4 Node Costs/Sales Development: Store
         Entering Level 4 Node MarkdownsMarkdownsLeaving Level 4 Node Markdowns
         Entering Level 4 Node Markdowns - PromotionMarkdowns - PromotionLeaving Level 4 Node Markdowns - Promotion
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales per EmployeeSales per EmployeeLeaving Level 4 Node Sales per Employee
   Entering Level 2 Node POS Data ManagementPOS Data ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node POS Data Management
   Entering Level 2 Node Global Trade ManagementGlobal Trade ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Global Trade Management
   Entering Level 2 Node R/3 Merchandise and Assortment PlanningR/3 Merchandise and Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 2 Node R/3 Merchandise and Assortment Planning
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoSources for MAP Transaction DataInfoSources for MAP Transaction DataLeaving Level 3 Node InfoSources for MAP Transaction Data
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Store Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1_SAPMAP: Store Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1_SAPLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Store Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1_SAP
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1MAP: Assortment Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1Leaving Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario 1
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Merchandise Planning: Plan Structure for Planning ScenarioMAP: Merchandise Planning: Plan Structure for Planning ScenarioLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Merchandise Planning: Plan Structure for Planning Scenario
      Entering Level 3 Node Merchandise and Assortment Planning InfoCubesMerchandise and Assortment Planning InfoCubesLeaving Level 3 Node Merchandise and Assortment Planning InfoCubes
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Objective Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Objective Planning/MAMAP: Objective Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Objective Planning/MALeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Objective Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Objective Planning/MA
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP:Merchandise Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Merchandise PlanningMAP:Merchandise Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Merchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP:Merchandise Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Store Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Planning/MAP: ActuaMAP: Store Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Planning/MAP: ActuaLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Store Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Planning/MAP: Actua
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Price Band Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Price Band Planning/MAP: Price Band Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Price Band Planning/Leaving Level 4 Node MAP: Price Band Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Price Band Planning/
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Store Group Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Group PlanninMAP: Store Group Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Group PlanninLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Store Group Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Store Group Plannin
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Assortment Planning/MAP: Assortment Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Assortment Planning/Leaving Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment Controlling (MultiCube MAP: Assortment Planning/
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Objective PlanningMAP: Objective PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Objective Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Merchandise PlanningMAP: Merchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Store PlanningMAP: Store PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Store Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Price Band PlanningMAP: Price Band PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Price Band Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Store Group PlanningMAP: Store Group PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Store Group Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment PlanningMAP: Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Assortment Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Actual Data Bottom-Up PlanningMAP: Actual Data Bottom-Up PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Actual Data Bottom-Up Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node MAP: Actual Data Top-Down PlanningMAP: Actual Data Top-Down PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node MAP: Actual Data Top-Down Planning
      Entering Level 3 Node Queries for Merchandise and Assortment PlanningQueries for Merchandise and Assortment PlanningLeaving Level 3 Node Queries for Merchandise and Assortment Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Objective Planning for Gross MarginObjective Planning for Gross MarginLeaving Level 4 Node Objective Planning for Gross Margin
         Entering Level 4 Node Gross Margin for Store PlanningGross Margin for Store PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Gross Margin for Store Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock, Store PlanningStock, Store PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Stock, Store Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Gross Margin for Merchandise PlanningGross Margin for Merchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Gross Margin for Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock (Values) Merchandise PlanningStock (Values) Merchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Stock (Values) Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock (Values+Quantities) Merchandise PlanningStock (Values+Quantities) Merchandise PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Stock (Values+Quantities) Merchandise Planning
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock Price BandsStock Price BandsLeaving Level 4 Node Stock Price Bands
         Entering Level 4 Node Store Group ControllingStore Group ControllingLeaving Level 4 Node Store Group Controlling
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment PlanningAssortment PlanningLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Planning
   Entering Level 2 Node Merchandise ManagementMerchandise ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Merchandise Management
      Entering Level 3 Node Extracting Transaction DataExtracting Transaction DataLeaving Level 3 Node Extracting Transaction Data
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoSources for Retail Transaction DataInfoSources for Retail Transaction DataLeaving Level 3 Node InfoSources for Retail Transaction Data
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at RetailRevaluation at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock InitializationStock InitializationLeaving Level 4 Node Stock Initialization
      Entering Level 3 Node Retail InfoCubesRetail InfoCubesLeaving Level 3 Node Retail InfoCubes
         Entering Level 4 Node ProductProductLeaving Level 4 Node Product
         Entering Level 4 Node CustomerCustomerLeaving Level 4 Node Customer
         Entering Level 4 Node ConsumerConsumerLeaving Level 4 Node Consumer
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Flow (Distribution Center)Merchandise Flow (Distribution Center)Leaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Flow (Distribution Center)
         Entering Level 4 Node Goods ProcurementGoods ProcurementLeaving Level 4 Node Goods Procurement
         Entering Level 4 Node Product MovementsProduct MovementsLeaving Level 4 Node Product Movements
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock (Week)Stock (Week)Leaving Level 4 Node Stock (Week)
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock (Month)Stock (Month)Leaving Level 4 Node Stock (Month)
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at RetailRevaluation at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at CostRevaluation at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Product (MultiCube Purchasing/Sales/Stock), Week/MonthProduct (MultiCube Purchasing/Sales/Stock), Week/MonthLeaving Level 4 Node Product (MultiCube Purchasing/Sales/Stock), Week/Month
      Entering Level 3 Node Queries in RetailQueries in RetailLeaving Level 3 Node Queries in Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Total Vendor ReturnsTotal Vendor ReturnsLeaving Level 4 Node Total Vendor Returns
         Entering Level 4 Node Total Vendor Goods ReceiptTotal Vendor Goods ReceiptLeaving Level 4 Node Total Vendor Goods Receipt
         Entering Level 4 Node Goods Receipt without a Purchase OrderGoods Receipt without a Purchase OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Goods Receipt without a Purchase Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales (Article)Sales (Article)Leaving Level 4 Node Sales (Article)
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion Sales - ArticlePromotion Sales - ArticleLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Sales - Article
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion SalesPromotion SalesLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Sales
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales (Article Categories)Sales (Article Categories)Leaving Level 4 Node Sales (Article Categories)
         Entering Level 4 Node Top-Selling Items/Non-Moving ItemsTop-Selling Items/Non-Moving ItemsLeaving Level 4 Node Top-Selling Items/Non-Moving Items
         Entering Level 4 Node Gross Margin Return On InvestmentGross Margin Return On InvestmentLeaving Level 4 Node Gross Margin Return On Investment
         Entering Level 4 Node Current StockCurrent StockLeaving Level 4 Node Current Stock
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock DevelopmentStock DevelopmentLeaving Level 4 Node Stock Development
         Entering Level 4 Node Margin OverviewMargin OverviewLeaving Level 4 Node Margin Overview
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at RetailRevaluation at RetailLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Revaluation at CostRevaluation at CostLeaving Level 4 Node Revaluation at Cost
         Entering Level 4 Node Stock CorrectionsStock CorrectionsLeaving Level 4 Node Stock Corrections
         Entering Level 4 Node Range of CoverageRange of CoverageLeaving Level 4 Node Range of Coverage
         Entering Level 4 Node Source of SupplySource of SupplyLeaving Level 4 Node Source of Supply
         Entering Level 4 Node Scanning RateScanning RateLeaving Level 4 Node Scanning Rate
         Entering Level 4 Node Safety StockSafety StockLeaving Level 4 Node Safety Stock
         Entering Level 4 Node Annual Sales Retail ValueAnnual Sales Retail ValueLeaving Level 4 Node Annual Sales Retail Value
         Entering Level 4 Node Annual Sales Retail Value (with Tax)Annual Sales Retail Value (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Annual Sales Retail Value (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Allocation Rule Generation (Month/Merchandise Category) for SaleAllocation Rule Generation (Month/Merchandise Category) for SaleLeaving Level 4 Node Allocation Rule Generation (Month/Merchandise Category) for Sale
         Entering Level 4 Node Allocation Rule Generation (Week/Material) Sales on a Quantity BAllocation Rule Generation (Week/Material) Sales on a Quantity BLeaving Level 4 Node Allocation Rule Generation (Week/Material) Sales on a Quantity B
         Entering Level 4 Node External SupplyExternal SupplyLeaving Level 4 Node External Supply
         Entering Level 4 Node Internal DeliveryInternal DeliveryLeaving Level 4 Node Internal Delivery
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor Order - ArticlesVendor Order - ArticlesLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Order - Articles
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor Order - Article CategoriesVendor Order - Article CategoriesLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Order - Article Categories
         Entering Level 4 Node Open On-Order StockOpen On-Order StockLeaving Level 4 Node Open On-Order Stock
         Entering Level 4 Node Cross-Company Purchase OrdersCross-Company Purchase OrdersLeaving Level 4 Node Cross-Company Purchase Orders
         Entering Level 4 Node Purchase Orders for Good ReceiptsPurchase Orders for Good ReceiptsLeaving Level 4 Node Purchase Orders for Good Receipts
         Entering Level 4 Node Order UnitsOrder UnitsLeaving Level 4 Node Order Units
         Entering Level 4 Node Purchasing MarginsPurchasing MarginsLeaving Level 4 Node Purchasing Margins
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor Goods ReceiptVendor Goods ReceiptLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Goods Receipt
         Entering Level 4 Node Cross-Company Goods ReceiptsCross-Company Goods ReceiptsLeaving Level 4 Node Cross-Company Goods Receipts
         Entering Level 4 Node Returns to VendorReturns to VendorLeaving Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor
         Entering Level 4 Node InvoicesInvoicesLeaving Level 4 Node Invoices
         Entering Level 4 Node Credit MemosCredit MemosLeaving Level 4 Node Credit Memos
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor Quantity ReliabilityVendor Quantity ReliabilityLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Quantity Reliability
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor On-Time Delivery PerformanceVendor On-Time Delivery PerformanceLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor On-Time Delivery Performance
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion OrdersPromotion OrdersLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Orders
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion Goods ReceiptsPromotion Goods ReceiptsLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Goods Receipts
         Entering Level 4 Node Procurement VolumeProcurement VolumeLeaving Level 4 Node Procurement Volume
         Entering Level 4 Node Returns to VendorReturns to VendorLeaving Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor
         Entering Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor DetailsReturns to Vendor DetailsLeaving Level 4 Node Returns to Vendor Details
         Entering Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity VarianceDelivery Quantity VarianceLeaving Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity Variance
         Entering Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity Variance Details 1Delivery Quantity Variance Details 1Leaving Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity Variance Details 1
         Entering Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity Variance Details 2Delivery Quantity Variance Details 2Leaving Level 4 Node Delivery Quantity Variance Details 2
         Entering Level 4 Node Top-Selling ArticlesTop-Selling ArticlesLeaving Level 4 Node Top-Selling Articles
   Entering Level 2 Node SAP StaffWorks IntegrationSAP StaffWorks IntegrationLeaving Level 2 Node SAP StaffWorks Integration
   Entering Level 2 Node Agency BusinessAgency BusinessLeaving Level 2 Node Agency Business
   Entering Level 2 Node Point Of SalePoint Of SaleLeaving Level 2 Node Point Of Sale
      Entering Level 3 Node InfoSources for Point Of Sale Transaction DataInfoSources for Point Of Sale Transaction DataLeaving Level 3 Node InfoSources for Point Of Sale Transaction Data
         Entering Level 4 Node POS: Receipt DataPOS: Receipt DataLeaving Level 4 Node POS: Receipt Data
         Entering Level 4 Node POS: Cashier DataPOS: Cashier DataLeaving Level 4 Node POS: Cashier Data
      Entering Level 3 Node Point Of Sale InfoCubesPoint Of Sale InfoCubesLeaving Level 3 Node Point Of Sale InfoCubes
         Entering Level 4 Node ReceiptReceiptLeaving Level 4 Node Receipt
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt/ProductReceipt/ProductLeaving Level 4 Node Receipt/Product
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt Data (Atomic)Receipt Data (Atomic)Leaving Level 4 Node Receipt Data (Atomic)
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Controlling (MultiCube Receipt Data/Cashier)POS Controlling (MultiCube Receipt Data/Cashier)Leaving Level 4 Node POS Controlling (MultiCube Receipt Data/Cashier)
         Entering Level 4 Node CashierCashierLeaving Level 4 Node Cashier
      Entering Level 3 Node Point Of Sale QueriesPoint Of Sale QueriesLeaving Level 3 Node Point Of Sale Queries
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Receipt Cancellations (With Tax)POS Receipt Cancellations (With Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node POS Receipt Cancellations (With Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Receipt CancellationsPOS Receipt CancellationsLeaving Level 4 Node POS Receipt Cancellations
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Receipt Terminations (With Tax)POS Receipt Terminations (With Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node POS Receipt Terminations (With Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Terminated ReceiptsTerminated ReceiptsLeaving Level 4 Node Terminated Receipts
         Entering Level 4 Node Immediate Cancellations (With Tax)Immediate Cancellations (With Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Immediate Cancellations (With Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Immediate CancellationsImmediate CancellationsLeaving Level 4 Node Immediate Cancellations
         Entering Level 4 Node Line Cancellations (with Tax)Line Cancellations (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Line Cancellations (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Line CancellationsLine CancellationsLeaving Level 4 Node Line Cancellations
         Entering Level 4 Node POS TransactionsPOS TransactionsLeaving Level 4 Node POS Transactions
         Entering Level 4 Node POS AccountingPOS AccountingLeaving Level 4 Node POS Accounting
         Entering Level 4 Node Cashier ProductivityCashier ProductivityLeaving Level 4 Node Cashier Productivity
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales via Merchandise Category Button (with Tax)Sales via Merchandise Category Button (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Sales via Merchandise Category Button (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales – Merchandise Category ButtonSales – Merchandise Category ButtonLeaving Level 4 Node Sales – Merchandise Category Button
         Entering Level 4 Node Cash Removed From POSCash Removed From POSLeaving Level 4 Node Cash Removed From POS
         Entering Level 4 Node Scanning Rate (with Tax)Scanning Rate (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Scanning Rate (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Scanning RateScanning RateLeaving Level 4 Node Scanning Rate
         Entering Level 4 Node Means of PaymentMeans of PaymentLeaving Level 4 Node Means of Payment
         Entering Level 4 Node ConditionsConditionsLeaving Level 4 Node Conditions
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales with Tax)Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales without Tax)Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales without Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Sales without Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Items)Receipt/POS – Comparison (Items)Leaving Level 4 Node Receipt/POS – Comparison (Items)
         Entering Level 4 Node Condition Types (with Tax)Condition Types (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Condition Types (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Condition TypesCondition TypesLeaving Level 4 Node Condition Types
         Entering Level 4 Node Payment Types (with Tax)Payment Types (with Tax)Leaving Level 4 Node Payment Types (with Tax)
         Entering Level 4 Node Payment TypesPayment TypesLeaving Level 4 Node Payment Types
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Receipt Overview - ValuesPOS Receipt Overview - ValuesLeaving Level 4 Node POS Receipt Overview - Values
         Entering Level 4 Node POS Receipt Overview (Counter Fields)POS Receipt Overview (Counter Fields)Leaving Level 4 Node POS Receipt Overview (Counter Fields)
         Entering Level 4 Node Average POS Receipt ValuesAverage POS Receipt ValuesLeaving Level 4 Node Average POS Receipt Values
         Entering Level 4 Node Share of Customers (Absolute)Share of Customers (Absolute)Leaving Level 4 Node Share of Customers (Absolute)
         Entering Level 4 Node Share of Customers (Percentage)Share of Customers (Percentage)Leaving Level 4 Node Share of Customers (Percentage)
         Entering Level 4 Node Known/Anonymous CustomersKnown/Anonymous CustomersLeaving Level 4 Node Known/Anonymous Customers
         Entering Level 4 Node Customer Frequency (Absolute)Customer Frequency (Absolute)Leaving Level 4 Node Customer Frequency (Absolute)
         Entering Level 4 Node Customer Frequency (Percentage)Customer Frequency (Percentage)Leaving Level 4 Node Customer Frequency (Percentage)
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales From Promotion CustomersSales From Promotion CustomersLeaving Level 4 Node Sales From Promotion Customers
         Entering Level 4 Node Proportion of Promotion CustomersProportion of Promotion CustomersLeaving Level 4 Node Proportion of Promotion Customers
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion SalesPromotion SalesLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Sales
         Entering Level 4 Node Share of Promotion ProductsShare of Promotion ProductsLeaving Level 4 Node Share of Promotion Products
         Entering Level 4 Node Anonymous CustomersAnonymous CustomersLeaving Level 4 Node Anonymous Customers
         Entering Level 4 Node Anonymous Card PayersAnonymous Card PayersLeaving Level 4 Node Anonymous Card Payers
         Entering Level 4 Node Scanning RateScanning RateLeaving Level 4 Node Scanning Rate
         Entering Level 4 Node Price VariancesPrice VariancesLeaving Level 4 Node Price Variances
         Entering Level 4 Node Scanning ProductivityScanning ProductivityLeaving Level 4 Node Scanning Productivity
         Entering Level 4 Node Receipt of the WeekReceipt of the WeekLeaving Level 4 Node Receipt of the Week
         Entering Level 4 Node Consumer AttributesConsumer AttributesLeaving Level 4 Node Consumer Attributes
         Entering Level 4 Node Top-Selling Items/Non-Moving ItemsTop-Selling Items/Non-Moving ItemsLeaving Level 4 Node Top-Selling Items/Non-Moving Items
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Category PerformanceMerchandise Category PerformanceLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Category Performance
         Entering Level 4 Node Consumer/ArticleConsumer/ArticleLeaving Level 4 Node Consumer/Article
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion Week (Store):Promotion Week (Store):Leaving Level 4 Node Promotion Week (Store):
         Entering Level 4 Node Preselection: Bucket SelectPreselection: Bucket SelectLeaving Level 4 Node Preselection: Bucket Select
         Entering Level 4 Node Bucket SelectBucket SelectLeaving Level 4 Node Bucket Select
   Entering Level 2 Node Retail FashionRetail FashionLeaving Level 2 Node Retail Fashion
   Entering Level 2 Node Roles in SAP Retail (Workplace Single Roles)Roles in SAP Retail (Workplace Single Roles)Leaving Level 2 Node Roles in SAP Retail (Workplace Single Roles)
      Entering Level 3 Node General Reporting FunctionsGeneral Reporting FunctionsLeaving Level 3 Node General Reporting Functions
      Entering Level 3 Node Vendor ReportingVendor ReportingLeaving Level 3 Node Vendor Reporting
      Entering Level 3 Node Logistics ReportingLogistics ReportingLeaving Level 3 Node Logistics Reporting
      Entering Level 3 Node Purchase OrdersPurchase OrdersLeaving Level 3 Node Purchase Orders
      Entering Level 3 Node PromotionsPromotionsLeaving Level 3 Node Promotions
      Entering Level 3 Node Article-Related Sales InformationArticle-Related Sales InformationLeaving Level 3 Node Article-Related Sales Information
   Entering Level 2 Node Master Data InfoSourcesMaster Data InfoSourcesLeaving Level 2 Node Master Data InfoSources
      Entering Level 3 Node SAP RetailSAP RetailLeaving Level 3 Node SAP Retail
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment GradeAssortment GradeLeaving Level 4 Node Assortment Grade
         Entering Level 4 Node Assortment (formerly Assortment Owner)Assortment (formerly Assortment Owner)Leaving Level 4 Node Assortment (formerly Assortment Owner)
         Entering Level 4 Node Department NumberDepartment NumberLeaving Level 4 Node Department Number
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Category Compounded to SiteMerchandise Category Compounded to SiteLeaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Category Compounded to Site
         Entering Level 4 Node Article Number Compounded with Retail PromotionArticle Number Compounded with Retail PromotionLeaving Level 4 Node Article Number Compounded with Retail Promotion
         Entering Level 4 Node Price Band CategoryPrice Band CategoryLeaving Level 4 Node Price Band Category
         Entering Level 4 Node PromotionsPromotionsLeaving Level 4 Node Promotions
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion TypePromotion TypeLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Type
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion ThemePromotion ThemeLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Theme
         Entering Level 4 Node Promotion CategoryPromotion CategoryLeaving Level 4 Node Promotion Category
         Entering Level 4 Node Procurement RuleProcurement RuleLeaving Level 4 Node Procurement Rule
         Entering Level 4 Node Purchasing AreaPurchasing AreaLeaving Level 4 Node Purchasing Area
         Entering Level 4 Node Season CategorySeason CategoryLeaving Level 4 Node Season Category
         Entering Level 4 Node Service Level Retail SystemService Level Retail SystemLeaving Level 4 Node Service Level Retail System
         Entering Level 4 Node Reason for Retail Price ChangeReason for Retail Price ChangeLeaving Level 4 Node Reason for Retail Price Change
         Entering Level 4 Node Store Group AssignmentStore Group AssignmentLeaving Level 4 Node Store Group Assignment
         Entering Level 4 Node Store GroupStore GroupLeaving Level 4 Node Store Group
         Entering Level 4 Node Source of SupplySource of SupplyLeaving Level 4 Node Source of Supply
      Entering Level 3 Node Other Application ComponentsOther Application ComponentsLeaving Level 3 Node Other Application Components
         Entering Level 4 Node Master Data InfoSources Used from Other Application ComponentsMaster Data InfoSources Used from Other Application ComponentsLeaving Level 4 Node Master Data InfoSources Used from Other Application Components
         Entering Level 4 Node Controlling AreaControlling AreaLeaving Level 4 Node Controlling Area
         Entering Level 4 Node Company CodeCompany CodeLeaving Level 4 Node Company Code
         Entering Level 4 Node Cost ElementCost ElementLeaving Level 4 Node Cost Element
         Entering Level 4 Node Country GroupingCountry GroupingLeaving Level 4 Node Country Grouping
         Entering Level 4 Node Distribution ChannelDistribution ChannelLeaving Level 4 Node Distribution Channel
         Entering Level 4 Node Invoicing PartyInvoicing PartyLeaving Level 4 Node Invoicing Party
         Entering Level 4 Node Material NumberMaterial NumberLeaving Level 4 Node Material Number
         Entering Level 4 Node Material GroupMaterial GroupLeaving Level 4 Node Material Group
         Entering Level 4 Node Merchandise Category (IS)Merchandise Category (IS)Leaving Level 4 Node Merchandise Category (IS)
         Entering Level 4 Node PlantPlantLeaving Level 4 Node Plant
         Entering Level 4 Node Catalog NumberCatalog NumberLeaving Level 4 Node Catalog Number
         Entering Level 4 Node Purchasing OrganizationPurchasing OrganizationLeaving Level 4 Node Purchasing Organization
         Entering Level 4 Node Purchasing GroupPurchasing GroupLeaving Level 4 Node Purchasing Group
         Entering Level 4 Node Reason for OrderReason for OrderLeaving Level 4 Node Reason for Order
         Entering Level 4 Node Account Number of Regular VendorAccount Number of Regular VendorLeaving Level 4 Node Account Number of Regular Vendor
         Entering Level 4 Node Time Type for ReportingTime Type for ReportingLeaving Level 4 Node Time Type for Reporting
         Entering Level 4 Node Sales OrganizationSales OrganizationLeaving Level 4 Node Sales Organization
         Entering Level 4 Node Goods SupplierGoods SupplierLeaving Level 4 Node Goods Supplier
         Entering Level 4 Node Supplying LocationSupplying LocationLeaving Level 4 Node Supplying Location
         Entering Level 4 Node Vendor NumberVendor NumberLeaving Level 4 Node Vendor Number
         Entering Level 4 Node VersionVersionLeaving Level 4 Node Version
         Entering Level 4 Node Wage TypeWage TypeLeaving Level 4 Node Wage Type
   Entering Level 2 Node SAP Retail Key FiguresSAP Retail Key FiguresLeaving Level 2 Node SAP Retail Key Figures
   Entering Level 2 Node SAP Retail CharacteristicsSAP Retail CharacteristicsLeaving Level 2 Node SAP Retail Characteristics
   Entering Level 2 Node Retail Workforce ManagementRetail Workforce ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Retail Workforce Management
   Entering Level 2 Node Category ManagementCategory ManagementLeaving Level 2 Node Category Management