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Procedure documentation Cleaning Up the Transport Directory Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Over time, a large number of potentially large files can accumulate in the subdirectories cofiles, data, and log of the global transport directory. These contain important information, but they also require space and become obsolete.



       1.      To generate a list of all deletable files in these directories, enter the command tp check all. Files are considered deletable if the accompanying request is not marked for import into an SAP System. The list that is generated is stored as the check.log log file in the tmp subdirectory and can be read.

       2.      If you want to test the command tp clearold all, enter the command tp testold all. tp testold all simulates the actions performed by tp clearold all and writes the results to the file testold.log. This file is in the subdirectory tmp. The log file contains details of the actions of tp clearold all when cleaning up the transport directory.

       3.      To delete files from the subdirectories cofiles, log, and olddata, and to move files from the subdirectory data to the subdirectory olddata, enter the command tp clearold all. (This command works using the list generated in step 1.) The tp clearold all command writes the results to the clearold.log log file. This file is located in the tmp subdirectory.


For more information on the parameters for these commands, see Transport Profile. To get the current values, use the command tp showparams <sapsid>.

You do not need a connection to the database to execute the commands that are mentioned above. The function is independent of the installed SAP release.



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