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The SAP .NET Connector is a development environment that enables communication between the Microsoft. NET platform and SAP systems. This connector supports RFCs and Web services, and allows you to write different applications such as Web form, Windows form, or console applications in the Microsoft Visual Studio.Net. With the SAP .NET Connector, you can use all common programming languages, such as Visual Basic. NET, C#, or Managed C++.


Using the SAP .NET Connector and SAP .NET Proxy Wizard, you can:

        Write .NET Windows and Web form applications that have access to SAP business objects (BAPIs).

        Develop client applications for the SAP Server. Here you can use either RFCs or HTTP/SOAP/XML (outside-in).

        Write RFC server applications that run in a .NET environment and can be installed starting from the SAP system (inside-out).


With Microsoft Visual Studio .NET you can:

        Use the integrated Proxy Wizard to generate proxy objects.

        Use any common programming language that has complete access to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

        Link SAP tables and structure with Windows and Web form controls (Data Binding).

        Use secure authorization methods such as Single Sign-On, Kerberos, and Microsoft Passport (

Further Information

        SAP.Net Connector: Architecture

        Creating ASP .Net Applications using the SAP .Net Connector

        SAP.Net Client

        SAP.Net Server

        SAP.Net Connector: Installation

        SAP .Net Programmer’s Reference


For more information on the SAP .NET Connector, see the SAP Service Marketplace at the internet address:

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