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Function documentationArchiving JIT Calls (IS-A) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Using archiving object JIT_SJCALL (for JIT Inbound) and JITO_CALL (for JIT Outbound), you can archive JIT calls. The archiving data consists of call header, the components groups, the call components, the IDoc and the JIT call texts.



During archiving the system locks all calls, which are to be archived, in order to avoid parallel access.


The following functions are available in archiving.





The archiving program writes the JIT call database tables in an archive file with a special archiving structure. If the operation was successful, the data is deleted from the system directly after it has been archived, depending on the settings in Customizing. You can also start the deletion program separately.

RJITARCH01 for JIT Inbound

RJITOUTARCH01 for JIT Outbound


The deletion program deletes all the transaction data of the archived data from the system.

RJITARCH02 for JIT Inbound

RJITOUTARCH02 for JIT Outbound


After archiving, you can no longer change the JIT calls using actions (for example with JIT monitoring). However, if you want to process the calls further, you can reset the archiving with this report. Use the call control to ensure consistency.


(only for JIT Inbound)


With this function you can display past archiving processes.




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