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This function enables you to link several actions to an interlinked action. You can trigger these interlinked actions with an inbound EDI message, or from a user dialog and in this way you can carry out several actions linked together.


You define interlinked actions in Customizing with the IMG activity Determine Actions.




Note the business dependencies of the sub-actions. Only the first sub-action should modify the outbound JIT call. All the other actions should be read-only actions such as OFIN (close outbound components groups).

If you interlink modifying actions there would be problems with the update, if a sub-action is carried out before the previous one has been completed. In particular, actions that cause material movement cannot be interlinked. SAP is not responsible, if you interlink actions that are to be updated.

If an interlinked action consists of two sub-actions, the new internal processing status is already set after the first sub-action has been carried out. If there should be a termination when the second action is carried out, the outbound JIT call is still given the new processing status. In this case you can make a status correction and then carry out the second sub-action again.



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