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A front office process is a tool using which you can integrate complex IS-U business processes in the front office/CIC. A front office process consists of one or more process steps that can in turn consist of processes.


The front office process in the industry component mySAP Utilities enables you to include standard SAP functions in a predefined process. The front office process was developed with the aim of enabling the mapping of those business processes in the system that an agent can work through from the front office/CIC. In contrast to a workflow, no work items are created in the agent’s inbox. Instead, the activities that are to be executed appear immediately for processing on the screen of the initiator.

You can execute front office processes from the CIC action box or from the navigation area data environment.

For more information on defining front office processes, see Customizing under   SAP Utilities   Customer Service   Front Office   Define Front Office Processes.  

In the IS-U/CCSU front office the following front office processes are available:


The change bank data process consists of three process steps. Behind each process step is a method from the Business Object Repository.

  • In the first process step, the ISUPARTNER EDIT method changes the business partner.

  • In the secondprocess step, the ISUACCOUNT EDIT method changes the contract account.

  • In the third process step, the BCONTACT CREATE method creates a customer contact.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.