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The Output Determination component offers output functions for sales, shipping, transportation, and billing to help you manage sales transactions with your customers and within your company. You can create sales activity output (for example, customer telephone calls, mailing campaigns) and group output (for example, freight lists). Your company employees can send and receive output. Output is directly linked to the corresponding sales transaction (for example, the system automatically sends an order confirmation via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as soon as the employee creates an order).


The output determination component is used for output control. Output control is used to exchange information with internal and external partners.

Output control includes the following functions, described in the cross-application (CA) - Output Control documentation:


The system can automatically propose output for a sales and distribution document. You can change this output in the sales and distribution document.

The system uses the condition technique to determine output. For more information on the condition technique, see Conditions and Pricing.

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For information on Customizing settings and examples, refer to Output Control Customizing in Sales and Distribution (SD) in the CA - Output Control documentation.