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Using this component, banks can determine the taxes that they have to transfer to the tax authorities on behalf of their customers. You can use SAP Capital Yield Tax Management (SAP CYT) in the following areas:

  • Uniform and central tax calculation for all revenue types

  • Central master data storage of the partner data relevant for tax

  • Transparency regarding the tax data through reporting

The structure of this component meets the current legal requirements for the determination of the capital yield tax in the countries Switzerland (withholding tax) and Germany (flat withholding tax). In many countries you can use CYT as the basis for covering legal requirements and enhance it with customer-specific functions. Using the CYT computer, CYT can calculate the legal tax centrally, and in accordance with the Customizing settings. You manage the master data using the SAP Business Partner for Financial Services (SAP BP-FS).

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The SAP BP-FS must be in the same instance as the CYT computer.

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You can connect the CYT computer to all relevant bank systems involving revenues relevant for tax by means of interfaces. Once the CYT computer has determined the revenue and tax data, internal or external reporting can use this data to manage lists and correspondence. The following graphic illustrates the interrelationships:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


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SAP Capital Yield Tax Management comprises the following functions:

  • Tax calculation and posting of the tax on capital yield as required in the respective country

  • Revenue and tax data management

  • Management of tax exemption documents

    • Exemption applications

    • Non-assessment certificates

  • Country-specific reporting:

    • Germany

      • Tax statement:

      • FSADV report (electronic data communication of exemption applications)

      • Tax registration with the tax office

    • Switzerland

      • Tax registration with the tax office

Note Note

If you calculate tax for revenues from securities transactions, the securities system or an intermediary system must determine the assessment basis for calculating the tax.

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