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The following figure shows the components of the product workbench and their relationship to each other. The individual components are described on the following pages in more detail.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



Attributes are fields that can be added to the product.

You process attributes in the easy access menu of the CRM system, under Master Data ® Products ® Maintain Set Types and Attributes.

The attribute description is the name of the field as it appears in the product or service contract (only configurable attributes). You must assign a data definition or value table to every attribute. In addition, you have the option to assign value ranges and to specify whether several values are possible for the attribute. Then the attribute is assigned to one or several set types.

In the above example, the Annual Consumption and Meter Reading attributes are grouped under set type 1.

Set Types

A set type is a group of attributes that you can integrate into the product maintenance.  When generating datbase fields using the Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEW), you can integrate the set types in the product hierarchy and then maintain them in the product. When you create a contract, the system uses the default attribute values defined in the product.

You process set types in the menu of the CRM system under Master Data ® Products ® Maintain Set Types and Attributes.

For every attribute that is allocated to the set type, you can define, via the corresponding indicator, whether it is relevant for the configuration or relevant for BW and/or whether several values of the attribute are possible. You can also assign a set type to a certain product category and define it as specific to the distribution channel.

Also assign a product category to the set type.


A hierarchy can be defined as a configuration hierarchy. The subcategories can contain configurable fields and logic. Only one configuration hierarchy is permitted per product category. You can define the extended maintenance in the hierarchy as well. If you set this indicator, all categories and set types of the hierarchy are generated in the Product Modeling Environment (PME). As a result you can use set types with several value attributes. In addition, you can define default values on category level. The extended maintenance is automatically defined for configuration hierarchies.


If you use products in transaction that do not contain any organizational data, you must allocate the following set types to the product hierarchy so that you can assign an organization-independent item category group:

      Set type CRMM_PR_BTR Transaction-controlling fields

      CRM_ISU_ATTR IS-U Attributes for Contract

      CRM-ISU_VALUES Preassignment of Values for Lean Configuration


You process set types in the easy access menu of the CRM system under Master Data ® Products ® Maintain Set Types and Attributes.


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