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 Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP enhancement package 2 (SP03) for SAP CRM 7.0

Technical Usage


Application Component

Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM (CRM-BF-SWI)

Required Business Function

Enable SAP Social Media ABAP Integration 3 (BC_SRV_STW_03)

You can use this business function to create groups in SAP Jam and view feeds from SAP Jam from the following SAP CRM business objects (BOs):

  • Opportunities

  • Quotations

  • Accounts

  • Incidents/service requests

  • Service orders

  • Campaigns

  • Marketing plans

  • Segmentation models

  • Activities with the task category

The new assignment blocks SAP Jam Groups and SAP Feeds are available to you for this in the BOs described above. The Home Page also contains the new assignment block SAP Jam Feeds.

Note Note

These functions are available to you according to the business role, with which you log on to the system. The following roles are supported: Sales Professional, Service Professional, Marketing Professional and IT Service Professional.

End of the note.


This function is integrated with SAP Jam.


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Is Needed Only for the Following Features

    Software component

    BBPCRM 702 SP03

    SAP Jam

    Enterprise Edition

  • You have made the settings in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path CRM Cross-Application Components Next navigation step SAP Jam Integration End of the navigation path.

  • You have activated the business function Enable SAP Social Media ABAP Integration 3 (BC_SRV_STW_03).

    For more information about this business function, see Enable SAP Social Media ABAP Integration 3 .


Creation of SAP Jam Groups from SAP CRM

When creating SAP Jam groups from SAP CRM, you can do the following:

  • Invite participants

  • Define the privacy of the group

  • Upload objects, which are assigned to the respective BO, to the groups. The following objects are possible according to the BO and your Customizing settings:

    • Attachments

    • Notes

    • Segments

      Note Note

      You can upload both segmentation elements that reference this BO, and also additional segmentation elements that exist in the system

      End of the note.
Functions for an Existing SAP Jam Group in SAP CRM

If you have created a group, you can do the following:

  • Create the following additional items for the group in SAP CRM:

    • Texts

    • Decisions

    • Files that are assigned to the respective BO as an attachment

    • Files that you can upload from the file system

    • Files that you can upload from the content management system

    • Item types that exist in SAP Jam, such as a discussion. This is dependent on your Customizing settings.

  • You can edit the group by changing the title and the moderator of the group and adding or removing participants. This is dependent on the privacy settings you made when you created the group.

  • You can view the status of the group and the associated objects if they are locked.

  • You can see which invited participants have not yet accepted your invitation.

View Details about a SAP Jam Group or an Item in a Group

If you select a group in the SAP Jam Groups assignment block, the system displays various information about the group, such as the creation date, number of participants or the status in the Details screen area.

If you select an item for a group, details about this item are displayed from SAP Jam.

Navigate to SAP Jam from the Group Created in SAP CRM

By clicking a SAP Jam group, an item for the group or the user, you can navigate to SAP Jam from SAP CRM.


The system displays feeds from SAP Jam as follows:

  • In a BO, in the assignment block SAP Jam Feeds

    You can view the feeds for groups that are assigned to this BO and in which you are a participant.

  • On the home page, in the assignment block SAP Jam Feeds

    This assignment block displays feeds for groups in which you are a participant and feeds for BOs and persons who you follow. A feed for a SAP Jam group shows all BOs assigned to this group as a link.

    Note Note

    If you selected Confidential as the privacy option, the system does not display feeds for these groups.

    End of the note.
  • You can bookmark and like feeds. This means you can filter accordingly during the search.

  • You can define the number of available answers that the system displays.

  • Feeds are loaded asynchronously, meaning that you can view the home page or overview page directly and start working on it while feeds are being loaded in the background.

Generate Feeds as Change Notifications for BOs

You can receive notifications for the following business objects (BO) as a feed if a change is made to the BO or a follow-up transaction is created for the BO. For more information, see the documentation for the business function SAP CRM BO Change Notification Using SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Subsequent Assignment of Existing SAP Jam Groups to a SAP CRM Business Object

You can subsequently assign an existing SAP Jam group that you have created or in which you are a participant to a specific business object in SAP CRM and then remove this assignment.

Replies to Feeds

You can reply to microblogs and feeds of the comment type. The system creates feeds of the comment type if for example you enter a comment for an item in a group.


A field for microblogs is available to you in the SAP Jam Feeds assignment block.

If you use this field in the assignment block on the home page to post something, this is a microblog with reference to yourself and is seen by everyone who follows you. If you use this field in the assignment block for a BO to post something, this is a microblog with reference to the BO and is seen by everyone who follows this BO.

Note Note

You automatically follow BOs for which you have created microblogs. You can follow other BOs by choosing Follow.

End of the note.

You can configure the system so that during a BO archiving run, it checks whether these are assigned to SAP Jam groups and prevents archiving if this is the case.

More Information

For more information, see Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM.