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Function documentationLoans: Fixed Interest Period


You use the Fixed Interest Period set types (CRM_PROD_FS006) to define the periods for which you guarantee a customer a fixed interest rate.

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Definition of the fixed interest period is only relevant for FS products of the category Mortgage Loan.

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  • When you define the possible fixed interests periods for a financial service product (FS product), bear the following in mind:

    • For every entry, you must enter the time unit.

    • You must select one entry as the standard setting.

  • When you use the FS product in a business transaction, the system transfers the fixed interest period setting that you defined as the standard setting to the date set. You can use the input help to change the setting.

    In the standard system, the end of the interest rate condition period for the mortgage loan is calculated from the contract start date and the duration of the fixed interest period.

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