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Object documentationGlobal Trade Item Number (GTIN)


Technical name: COMM_PR_GTIN

The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a 14-digit number which includes various EAN/UCC numbering structures and is used to uniquely identify a product worldwide. EAN/UCC product identification numbers allow a unique identifying GTIN number to be derived in the system. All EAN/UCC numbers are considered as 14-digit numbers, right justified and zero filled where necessary.


A GTIN is assigned to the product together with a unit of measure. As more than one unit of measure can be specified for a product, this means a product can have more than one GTIN.

During an initial or delta download, EANs can be transferred from SAP ECC to SAP CRM as follows:

  • Only the EANs corresponding to the EAN/UCC-8, UCC-12, EAN/UCC-13, and EAN/UCC-14 standards can be transferred from SAP ECC.

  • As more than one EAN can be assigned to a material in SAP ECC per unit of measure but only one GTIN per unit of measure in the product master in SAP CRM, only the EAN with the Main EAN indicator is transferred.

    Note Note

    A GTIN can only be maintained for the product type Material, not for services.

    End of the note.

A GTIN should generally only be assigned once. However, you can specify how the system should respond if a GTIN is assigned twice. You make the relevant settings in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP Product Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Define Characteristics of System Messages End of the navigation path.

You create a new entry, enter 001 (GTIN has already been assigned) in the MsgNo field, and specify which type of message should be output in the fields Online and Batchl.

If no entry is made for the message, a warning is output by default if the user attempts to assign a GTIN that has already been assigned.

Example Example

You do not want the same GTIN to be assigned more than once. You enter the following data: Message number = 001, Online = E, Batchl = E

End of the example.