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 Product Modeling for the Utilities Industry


The global energy market has experienced a rapid acceleration in recent years. Successful companies in the energy sector must currently be able to respond to developments and changed competitor situations quickly, whilst managing a growing product portfolio.

Future demands of the energy market to be covered by this enhancement package for SAP CRM for Utilities are as follows:

  • Increased competition

    Products must be implemented and used productively within increasingly shorter timeframes. The local energy market can also be represented using competitor products, meaning that the comparison with competitors can be included in sales discussions.

  • Changed role of the call center agent:

    During a sales call with a limited duration, sales staff interact with customers. The agent advises and chooses between a large number of products and their individual configuration, and also between special sales promotions for suitable products.

Years of industry experience and intensive international dialog with customers have resulted in the state-of-the-art enhancements being made to the established SAP CRM for Utilities industry solution. The shift towards straightforward efficient product modeling has been achieved in the new enhancement package by the new product definition concept and sales process.

The use of controlled templates, reference products and product modules has greatly streamlined and accelerated product modeling. Versioning has improved the overview of existing objects, which can be modeled with access to historical and current market data. You can perform product tests immediately following modeling without all data having to be available in the connected systems. The time required to model a product has been significantly reduced by the import and export options available. A tested product can be imported to the production system quickly, therefore avoiding the need to create it again in this system.

Unlike the modeling of standard CRM products using an interface with a tree structure, modeling uses a new UI concept that displays typical utilities data in a compact format. The logical structure of the new graphical interface provides a clear overview of relationships and hierarchies for products.

The overview is further enhanced by positioning all modeling-relevant functions on an overview page and by combining attributes and components using display groups.

The documentation for product modeling in the utilities industry is divided into five sections:

Note Note

See SAP note 2012947.

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