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Function documentationIP Hierarchy Display


You can use this function to display the relationships for an intellectual property (IP) within a relationship hierarchy.


You have defined IP hierarchy view types in SAP Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Industry-Specific Solutions Next navigation step Media Next navigation step Intellectual Property Management Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Product Next navigation step Define IP Hierarchy View End of the navigation path.

Alternatively you can use the standard IP hierarchy view types delivered by SAP. Each of these IP hierarchy view types displays the relationships of a specific relations type:

  • Parts (IPM_IPACC)

  • Titles (IPTTL)

  • Underlying components (IPUCO)

  • Underlying components (granting ref.) (IPUCX)

  • Package parts (IPPAC)


  • The view for the IP hierarchy is only displayed under IP Details on the IP overview page if relationships for this IP exist.

  • By selecting an IP in the IP hierarchy the information of this IP is displayed on the IP Overview page.

  • If the selected IP occurs several times within the IP hierarchy, the number of occurrences is displayed.

    You can easily go to the previous / next occurrence of the IP within the hierarchy by using the corresponding navigation buttons.

  • If relationships for several IP hierarchy view types exist, you can select the IP hierarchy view to be displayed.

Also note that if the IP includes an attached image you can see either the image or the hierarchy.

  • Select Show Hierarchy to show the hierarchy and hide the image

  • Select Hide Hierarchy to hide the hierarchy and show the image