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Function documentationMultisessioning


You can use this function in the interaction center (IC) to handle interactions with multiple customers at one time and therefore maximize efficiency.

Note Note

  • In multisession mode, IC agents can process e-mails from the agent inbox as well as ERMS push e-mails. However, the system does not support ICI e-mail processing in multisessioning mode. For more information about ERMS push e-mails, see ERMS E-Mail Push.

  • Use of client switch and multisessioning at the same time is not supported.

End of the note.


You have activated the business function IC and Communication-Enabled Business Processes (CRM_IC_CEBP).

You have enabled multisessioning in your communication management software (CMS) profile in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Interaction Center WebClient Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Communication Channels Next navigation step Define Communication Management Software Profiles End of the navigation path.


Using multisessioning, IC agents can do the following:

  • Open multiple tabs so that they can interact with multiple customers within one IC browser window

    IC agents can open these tabs manually, or the system can be configured so that these tabs are opened automatically when a new interaction takes place.

    IC agents can work in up to six sessions at the same time.

  • Accept a phone call from a customer when already in a chat with another customer

  • Calculate how much time was spent in each session

    When an IC agent leaves a session and moves to another session, or when an IC agent enters a new session, the system raises a new event. These events can be used to report how much time IC agents spend working on a particular interaction.


  • An IC agent interrupts work on an agent inbox e-mail in one session to take a telephone call from a customer in a new session.

  • A support technician opens multiple service tickets in multiple sessions while researching an issue.