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Function documentationManaging Embedded Interactive and SAP HANA Live Reports


You can view the list of published reports by navigating to Manage Reports on the CRM WebClient UI. You can also search for an embedded report using the search criteria Embedding Status. In the result list, you can see the reports that match your search criteria in the Embedding Status column. You can perform the following functions:

  • Manage Embedding: You use this button to manage (edit or delete) an embedded interactive report or SAP HANA Live report assignments displayed in the result list.

  • Delete Embedding: You use this button to delete the target screen assignment entries of an embedded report. Note that only the target screen assignment entries and share report entries of an embedded report are deleted.

  • Click the Delete icon to delete a report. The corresponding personalization settings and the embedding references are also deleted.

Note Note

You cannot delete a report if the report is in use by another user.

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