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Object documentationDescriptions


Technical name: COMM_PR_SHTEXT

Set type containing the descriptions created for a product. You can create descriptions for a product for all languages defined in the system. However, you can only create descriptions for those products that originate from a system with the same logical system name as the CRM Server.


When creating a product, you can enter a description in your logon language in the general data of the product, as well as in the Descriptions assignment block (set type) for all defined languages. When changing products however, a description can only be changed in the Descriptions assignment block.

Products can be saved without a description. This is the standard setting in the system. This means that you can save a product even if it has no description. This setting can be changed in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP Product Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Define Characteristics of System Messages End of the navigation path. The default warning message that is issued in this situation can be changed to an error message.

When a product is uploaded to SAP ECC without a description, a description is created in the logon language, as an ERP material master record has to have a description. The product ID is used as the description.