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Function documentationIP Mass Generation


If you need to create multiple new intellectual properties (IPs), you can use the IP Mass Generation function to create them, instead of creating each IP individually.

To use this function, you must activate the business function Intellectual Property Management (CRM_IPM_1).


The mass generation procedure creates multiple copies of an existing IP (called the template IP). These copies are called IP proposals. You can display, edit, and delete these proposals individually as required. When saved, these proposals become new IPs in the system.

The following options are available to you when generating IPs:

  • Assigning relationships with superordinate IPs

    When creating new IPs, you can specify a relationship with superordinate IPs currently in the system. For example, you can assign generated episodes of a TV show to a season.

  • Copying relationships with subordinate IPs

    If the template IP has an underlying relationship with subordinate IPs (that is, if the template IP is a parent IP), you can choose whether to copy the subordinate IPs and the corresponding relationships when generating the new IPs. For example, you can assign the underlying components, such as the soundtrack, to the episodes.

  • Copying the rights inventory of the template IP

    If the template IP has an associated rights inventory (rights owned, release dates, or release restrictions) you can choose whether to copy some or all of the rights types when generating the new IPs. For example, you can do this when creating self-produced (not acquired) IPs.

Note Note

You must configure the UI to allow the user to choose which relationship types and rights types are copied.

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  1. You enter the ID of the template IP (the IP on which the new IP proposals are to be based) and specify the number of proposals to be generated.

  2. The system generates the specified number of copies of the template IP (IP proposals).

  3. You edit or delete the proposals as required, and save them as IPs in the system.


The IPs for a new season of a TV series are to be created in the system. An agent creates the IP for the new season itself, and then uses the IP Mass Generation function to create the IPs for the episodes of the season.

To mass generate the episodes of a season, the following must exist in the system:

  • A season IP under which the episodes are to be saved

  • A template IP containing data common to the episodes

When entering the input data for the mass generation, the agent uses an existing episode IP as the template IP (specific attributes will be changed at a later stage). The agent also enters the number of new episodes to be created, and enters the ID of the season IP as the superordinate IP and the relationship type Part Of. When the proposals for the episode IPs are generated, the agent edits the attributes as necessary, and saves. The proposals are saved as episode IPs in the system as parts of the superordinate (season) IP.