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Function documentationDifferences in Pricing in SAP CRM and SAP ERP


Functional Differences


Condition Type in SAP ERP


Price calculation

EK01, EK02

Connection to a price calculation is not supported in SAP CRM.

Down payment processing


Down payment processing is not supported in SAP CRM.

Invoice lists

RL00, MW15

Factoring discounts for invoice lists are not supported in SAP CRM.



A cost exists in SAP CRM only if delivery-related SAP CRM billing is being used. Then the cost is determined for the billing document: Goods issue from SAP ERP reads the costs, and transfers them to the billing due list in SAP CRM. For more information, see SAP Note 653046Information published on SAP site.

Customer expected price


Customer expected price using EDI is not supported in SAP CRM.

Differences in Condition Processing (in Transactions)

When you start new pricing, the following pricing types are available in SAP CRM:

  • Completely new pricing (corresponds to pricing type “B” in ERP)

  • New pricing, but manual entries are kept (corresponds to pricing type “C” in ERP)

Differences in Condition Technique

Data determination at the level of access cannot be executed in SAP CRM.

Differences in Condition Maintenance
  • In SAP CRM, it is not possible to display condition records for predefined selection data in a condition list.

  • Mass copying of condition records is not possible in SAP CRM.

  • Change documents are not available in SAP CRM.

More Information

SAP Note 2030179Information published on SAP site