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This DataSource extracts data specific to interaction records created in the IC of the CRM system. The interaction record includes more information than what is currently available with the activity 0CRM_SALES_ACT_1. This DataSource provides information about all objects:

  • Accessed in the IC activity clipboard during the interaction

  • Created during the interaction

  • The durations related to the interaction

Since the CRM relationship tables are also used by the CRM transaction history, you can also view this DataSource as a source for a transaction history analysis for interaction records.

Often during interactions, many business events are involved, such as opening/creating/changing business transactions. This DataSource does not provide a direct reference to the business transactions, rather it provides counts for different types of these transactions.

Note Note

DataSource performance depends on the number of interaction records processed in one block. Performance is limited by the read operations for the change log of the business transactions.

Retrieving the Business Partner change log data is very time consuming. If you do not need information about the number of business partners opened, created or changed during an interaction, do not map the DataSource fields in the TransferStructure.

End of the note.

Technical Data

Application Component

CRM Interaction Center (0CRM_CIC)

Available as of Release



SAP NW 2004s BI Content Add-on 3 SP02

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No Content versions exist.





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Data Modeling

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure

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GUID of a CRM Business Transaction



Verification of Key Figures

You can verify the results of this DataSource using report CRM_IC_VERIFY_STATS.