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Function documentationError Handling


You can use the error handling function to find out about errors that occurred during the generation of fields and tables that you created using the Application Enhancement Tool. You can analyze enhancements and see all objects that have been registered for enhancement.


Important SAP Notes

The following important SAP Notes are available:

SAP Note


1345926Information published on SAP site

Error messages due to system settings

1250563Information published on SAP site

Showing registry information

1346123Information published on SAP site

Errors during the generation of field and/or table enhancements due to SAP GUI dialog boxes

1346128Information published on SAP site

Errors after the deletion of enhancements

1255801Information published on SAP site

Reset of an enhancement required after a registry change

Generation Status

In the Status column in the Fields and Tables block, you can see the current status of every field. The following statuses are available:

  • Green

    This color means that the field or the table has successfully been generated.

  • Yellow

    This color means that you have entered data, but the field or the table has not yet been generated. This status is also used if you edit a field or a table with a green status. After you have edited the field, it is still inactive. You need to save and generate your data to apply your changes.

  • Red

    This color means that the generation of the field or table has failed. For further information, choose the icon or the hyperlink in the Enhancement ID column.

Note Note

The Manual Field link in the Enhancement ID column in the Fields block indicates that the field has been enhanced by using the Easy Enhancement Workbench. Or it has been manually added to the ABAP Dictionary in SAP GUI by using transaction SE11. You cannot edit this field because it has not been created with the Application Enhancement Tool. However, you can migrate it to the format of the Application Enhancement Tool and then edit it. For more information, see Migration of Manual Fields.

End of the note.
Error Messages

If you choose the status icon of an enhancement, a dialog box opens that shows all error messages that have occurred during the generation. You can use this information to fix the error; then restart the generation of the enhancement.

Analysis of Enhancements

You can use report AXT_EXT_ANALYZE to analyze enhancements. You can start this report via transaction AXTSHOW, or in Customizing for UI Framework under Start of the navigation path UI Framework Definition Next navigation step Application Enhancements Next navigation step Analyze Enhancements End of the navigation path.

Showing Registry Information

You can use report AXT_REGISTRY_SHOW to show registry information of enhanced business objects. You can start this report via transaction SE38.