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Technical name: CRMM_PR_TAX

Set type for assigning the data required for tax determination to a product.


By assigning sales taxes to a product, you determine how a product is taxed. This entails specifying the following:

  • Country and region

    Specifies in what country and region the tax applies.

  • Tax type

    Any form of sales tax or withholding tax, such as VAT or excise duty.

  • Tax group

    This classifies the product according to the rate of tax charged on it.

    Example Example

    The main form of tax on sales in Germany is VAT (value-added tax). Most products are subject to the full rate of VAT, certain products, such as basic foodstuffs, are taxed at a reduced rate, and others are not taxed at all.

    There are therefore three product tax groups: one for products taxed at the full rate; one for reduced-rate products; and one products that are not taxed.

    End of the example.
  • Tax tariff code

    For certain countries (for example, Brazil, Poland, and India), it is not sufficient to specify a tax group. To uniquely identify a product for tax purposes in these countries, a tax tariff code is used.

Example 1

A product is to be taxed at full rate in Germany:

Product: 4711

Country: Germany

Product tax group: Full

Example 2

A product is to be taxed at half rate in Brazil:

Product: 4712

Country: Brazil

Product tax group: Half

Tax tariff code: NBM1


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