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Object documentationTitle Master in By Title Financial Processing and Reporting


A title master describes a product or a group of products at a media company.

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This term has different applications in the various media sectors:

Film industry: Uses the film title as the title master. Various characteristics and exploitation types (video, TV broadcast) of a title master are usually combined under a single title master here.

Book publishers: The title master often represents the ISBN for the product. The various characteristics and exploitation types (such as an audio CD) are usually represented as a separate ISBN.

Sporting agencies: The title master is the actual sports person or the sports event for sports event marketing.

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The title master object is used during by title financial processing and reporting, to evaluate revenues, spending and the balance sheet in relation to a title and the associated controlling attributes. It therefore provides comprehensive financial reporting at title and title attribute level.

The title master is represented as a CRM product of the Intellectual Property (IP) product type.


Information, which means that an Intellectual Property is also a title master, is entered using the title data set type. The hierarchical relationship between titles is entered using the title, underlying component or part relationship types.


To make the data for the title master available for by title financial processing ad reporting available in the SAP ERP Central Component for Media system, you must send titles to an SAP ERP system.