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You can use the underlying component product relationship to link several Intellectual Properties (IPs). Underlying components are not usually licensed directly, but are entered in the Intellectual Property (IP).

  • Lower level (subordinate) IPs are displayed in the Underlying Components assignment block

  • Higher level (superordinate) IPs are displayed in the Underlying Component Of assignment block

In addition, the system displays this linking as a hierarchy in the IP Details assignment block.


You link IPs using the underlying component product relationship to:

  • Document this relationship in the system

  • Evaluate the relationship in the rights availability analysis

  • Evaluate the relationship for the underlying component for the royalties calculation. You have for example negotiated a license acquisition contract with a composer the music to a film. If a film IP, which contains this film music as the underlying component, is sold, the composer can also receive royalties payments automatically.


Several Intellectual Properties are entered in an IP. You want to place these products in relationship with one another in the system.

Example Example

You acquire the book rights as the basis for producing a film.

End of the example.

Note Note

If you are using by title financial processing and reporting, you also need to set the Title Relation indicator for the relevant IPs. For more information, see Title Hierarchy.

End of the note.

The system performs the following checks for the underlying component product relationship:

  • The underlying component relationship type can only be maintained between products with the Intellectual Property product type.

  • An IP cannot appear several times in a relationship tree.