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Object documentationPackage Part


You can use the package part product relationship to link several Intellectual Properties (IPs) as a package. You can purchase, sell and analyze packages as bundles.


You bundle IPs using the package part product relationship to:

  • Document this relationship in the system

  • Be able to perform an expansion in license sales contracts

  • Evaluate the relationship in the rights availability analysis

  • Evaluate the package parts for the royalties calculation (similar to the part product relationship


A package consists of several package parts. You want to represent and place these parts in relationship with one another in the system.

Example Example

You want to sell books in a series collectively.

End of the example.

The system performs the following checks for the package part product relationship:

  • The package part relationship type can only be maintained between products with the Intellectual Property product type.

  • If an IP has a relationship of the package part type, a relationship of the part type cannot exist simultaneously and vice versa.

  • You can only enter single level relationships for the package part relationship type. If B is a package part in A, A cannot be a package part in other IPs and B cannot have its own package parts. However, B can still be a package part in another IP.

  • An IP cannot appear several times in a relationship tree.