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Function documentationDesign Layer


The design layer links UI-related settings to design objects, which span several views that implement the same business content. The UI-related settings are field settings that you can adapt to your requirements.

You can use the design layer to do the following:

  • Rename field labels

  • Hide fields that are not needed

    You must have selected the option Hidden or Field excluded from field set in Customizing. This means that the fields are not available in the UI Configuration Tool.

  • Assign existing value helps from the ABAP Dictionary without any customer-specific development

    Special getter methods (type V) have been implemented that define the following:

    • Value help

      • Search help

      • Check table

      • Domain values

    • Field type

      • Input field

      • Checkbox

      • Dropdown list box

Note Note

The checkbox Value help from ABAP Dictionary needs to be selected in the design layer Customizing.

End of the note.


The design layer controls field labels in form views, table columns, and in the search criteria of the advanced search. It also controls the field visibility on the UI at runtime and in the available field set in the UI Configuration Tool.

These settings are determined by design objects, which you define in the design layer Customizing.

To reuse the settings of a design object, the reference design object has been introduced.