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Object documentationWarranty Data


Set type data for warranties.


The set types available specifically for warranties are described below.

You make the necessary settings for working with warranties in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management, by choosing Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Products Next navigation step Special Settings for Warranties Next navigation step Define Warranties End of the navigation path.

Warranty (CRMM_PRWTY)

Set type containing general information such as customer or vendor warranty, warranty basis (based on a period, counter reading, or both), as well as the dates for a time-based warranty. You can define flexible date rules to calculate the start date of a warranty and therefore its period of validity. The date profile you select determines which date types and date rules you can use.

The accounting indicator allows you to specify the procedure for price determination, and the procedure for billing and transferring costs to controlling. This gives you control over the costs incurred by warranties.

This set type is mandatory for warranties. Any warranty master record created without this set type cannot be used in warranty management.

Warranty Catalog Data (CRMM_PRWTY_CAT)

Set type specifying the type of complaint, damage, or defect that is covered by the warranty. The details are specified in the form of codes, and constitute a list in which the items are either all included or all excluded.

Warranty Services (CRMM_PRWTY_SRV)

Set type detailing particular services, service parts, and even specific subjects to be fully covered or partially covered by the warranty. These are specified as a list in which the items are either all included or all excluded.

Warranty Counter Data (CRMM_PRWTY_CNT)

Set type containing data for counter-based warranties.

For counter-based warranties, validity is defined by a limit set for usage or wear. You can specify the type of counter involved, that is the physical device that is used to record the measurements, such as car mileage or electricity readings, and the limit to apply in each case.

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