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Procedure documentationDefining Preprocessing Variant for CRM_FS_PFS


The preprocessing program for the CRM_FS_PFS archiving object is CRM_FS_PFS_ARC_PREPRO.

It analyzes the CRMD_FS_PFS_HEAD data table and sets the archiving status for the write process.

The following selection parameters are available for this preprocessing program:



Personal Financial Statement ID

You can enter the personal financial statement IDs that you want to archive.

Business Partner ID

You can enter the business partners for which you want to archive the personal financial statements.

Test Mode/ Production Mode

If you select the Test Mode option, the system runs the program in test mode and does not update the data.

Detail Log/ Log Output

The log contains messages about the preprocessing program results. You can choose to display the complete log, the log without success messages, or no detail log.

During this preprocessing step, the system does not destroy any data from the database.

To use this procedure, you must activate the business function CRM-FS, Guided Loan Origination Process (CRM_FS_NBRNWL_1).


To define the preprocessing variant:

  1. Use transaction SARA to start Archive Administration.

  2. Enter the archiving object CRM_FS_PFS and choose Preproc.

  3. Enter a name for the variant and choose Maintain.

  4. Enter the values for the selection parameters and choose Attributes. You are in the Variant Attributes dialog box.

  5. Define the attributes and save the variant.