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Procedure documentationExtending the Sharing of Dashboard Links


After you create HANA live dashboards, you can share them with users. The link to the dashboards will then be available in the dashboard work centers of those users. However, the users have to be assigned either the Sales Professional (SALESPRO) or the Marketing Professional (MARKETINGPRO) business role. You use this procedure if you wish to extend this feature to other business roles.


Define generic outbound plug mappings after selecting the navigation bar profile in Customizing for Define Navigation Bar Profile under Start of the navigation path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide Next navigation step Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step UI Framework Next navigation step Technical Role Definition End of the navigation path

Choose New Entries and enter the following information and choose Save:

  • Object Type: CRM_ANA_DB_RTC

  • Object Action: Display

  • Target ID: HLD_DISP


  1. Use transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB

  2. Enter the Component where you would like to embed the link to the shared dashboard. For example, use WCC_SRV_HOME if you wish to embed the link to the shared dashboard on the Home page.

  3. Choose Display. In the new screen, create a new inbound plug with the name DEFAULT (if an inbound plug DEFAULT already exists, you do not have to create a new one). Save and activate the changes.

    Note Note

    No implementation is required.

    End of the note.
  4. Create a new outbound plug with the name GENERICLEAVE and enter this piece of code:

    me->fire_outbound_plug( iv_outbound_plug = 'GENERICLEAVE' "#EC NOTEXT iv_data_collection = iv_data_collection ).

    Save and activate the changes.

  5. Choose Runtime Repository Editor and then choose Edit.

  6. Under Windows, add new inbound and outbound plugs by entering DEFAULT as the InboundPlug and GENERICLEAVE as the OutboundPlug.

  7. Under ComponentUsages, add component usage by entering the following details:

    • ID: Dashboard (Example)

    • Used Component: CRMCMP_DB_WC

    • Interface View: CRMCMP_DB_WC/MainWindow

    • Switch Id: CRM_EMBED_IR_ANA_UI

    Save your changes.

  8. To the newly added Interface View (CRMCMP_DB_WC/MainWindow), enter GENERICLEAVE as the Add Outbound Plug. Now, choose Delegate to Window Outbound Plug and enter GENERICLEAVE.

    Save your changes.

  9. Under ViewSets, select the viewset, choose Add View. Now enter Dashboard.CRMCMP_DB_WC/MainWindow as the View and CRM_EMBED_IR_ANA_UI as the Switch Id.

    Save your changes.

  10. In the Configuration tab, select the newly added view and add it to the desired visible column.

  11. Enter a title for the view, for example, My Shared Dashboard.

  12. Save your changes.


The newly added view will now be visible on the home page of the user with the relevant business role. Based on the examples used in the above-mentioned steps, My Shared Dashboard view will be visible on the home page of the user with Service Professional business role.

Any dashboard shared by the Analytics Professional will now be visible under the My Shared Dashboard view on the home page of the users with Service Professional business role.