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Function documentationAttachment Synchronization


Attachment to appointments, tasks, and contacts, can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook only (not with Lotus Notes).


  • Multiple attachments can be synchronized per item.

  • All types of attachments are supported.

  • The customizing and synchronization settings determine whether attachments are synchronized.

    In the synchronization settings, you can find the Attachments checkbox in the Synchronization pane, under Sync Options.

  • If an item with an attachment exists in both SAP CRM and the groupware client, the names of attachments are compared during synchronization. If the names are identical, synchronization considers the attachment to be the same. However, the last modified time of the item is also considered, and the item with the most recent time of modification (either in SAP CRM or the groupware client) takes precedence and overwrites.

Note Note

You cannot test attachment synchronization using files of 0 bytes, since these are not synchronized.

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