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DataSource Attributes DataSource Attributes: 0WBS_ELEMT_CRM_ATTR


This DataSource replaces the two obsolete DataSources 0CRM_MKTELM1_PSMD and 0CRM_MKTELM2_PSMD. It fills the attribute 0CRM_MKTELM of InfoObject 0WBS_ELEMT.

In CRM Marketing Analytics, the InfoObject 0WBS_ELEMT is used when marketing projects maintained in the CRM Marketing Planner, such as campaigns or marketing plans, are transferred to a connected ERP system. In this process, WBS elements are created in the ERP system. WBS elements serve to calculate costs and revenues for CRM marketing projects in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). After extraction to the BI system, the WBS elements are visible as values of InfoObject 0WBS_ELEMT. While all other attributes of 0WBS_ELEMT originate in the ERP system, the CRM marketing projects from which the WBS elements were created originate in the CRM system.

In BI Content, the CO-PA data is extracted from the ERP system to InfoCube 0COPA_C02. In this InfoCube, however, only the ERP fields are filled properly. The corresponding CRM fields are not filled since this information is not available in the ERP system: Instead of the business partner (0BPARTNER), the CO-PA data uses the customer number (0CUSTOMER) mapped and created during the transfer to ERP; instead of the CRM product (0CRM_PRODUCT), it uses the material number (0MATERIAL); instead of the CRM marketing element (0CRM_MKTELM), it uses the WBS element (0WBS_ELEMT or 0CRM_MKTELE, which has 0WBS_ELEMT as a reference).

For a more elaborate success measurement, the CO-PA data needs to be enhanced with the CRM references. Filling the CRM fields during the extraction of the CO-PA data from the ERP system to the BI system can lead to data corruption if the attribute 0BPARTNER of 0CUSTOMER is not up to date. This also applies to attributes 0CRM_PROD of 0MATERIAL and 0CRM_MKTELM of 0WBS_ELEMT. The data would then have to be reloaded from the ERP system. To avoid this, the CO-PA data is enhanced with CRM references in a secondary staging process during which data from 0COPA_C02 is propagated to 0MKTG_C04.

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