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Process documentationStatus Management for a Financial Service Quotation


During the account origination process, a financial service quotation (FS quotation) is assigned a number of statuses in a fixed sequence. You can set some statuses manually, while the system sets other statuses automatically after certain functions have been performed.


When it manages the status of an FS quotation, the system uses functions that are located not in SAP CRM but in external systems. These functions are connected both synchronously (for example, for the calculation of the payment schedule) and asynchronously (for example, for the distribution of loan data).

For more information, see Connection to External Systems Using CRM Middleware.


The following figure shows the possible system statuses of an FS quotation:

During the account origination process, the FS quotation goes through the following statuses:

  1. When you create an FS quotation, the document has the initial status Open.

  2. When you maintain the FS quotation, you set the status toIn Process.

  3. When you have finished maintaining the FS quotation, you release the quotation. At quotation header level, you set the status to Released.

    When you release the FS quotation, you automatically set this status for the associated case as well.

  4. The system performs a number of actions in a particular sequence (action choreography). In the standard system, for example, the system performs the following actions:

    Caution Caution

    These functions are not located in SAP CRM but in external systems. To be able to use these functions, you must have connected SAP CRM to the relevant back-end systems.

    End of the caution.
  5. When the system has successfully performed the functions for the FS quotation, it sets the status of the quotation to In Approval.

    If the system cannot perform the functions successfully, it displays an error message. The system sets the status back to In Process, you maintain the quotation and can then release it again.

  6. If the FS quotation has the status In Approval, the system performs the checks that you define using the Business Rule Framework (BRF).

    The following checks exist in the standard system, for example:

    • Checks on completeness and correctness of the document. For example, you can check in Case Management whether all the required documents exist for the case to which the FS quotation belongs.

      Note Note

      If errors occur during the BRF checks, indicating for example that not all the required documents are available in Case Management, proceed as follows:

      • Set the status of the quotation to In Process and correct the error.

      • When you have completed your corrections, restart the BRF checks. To do this, in the FS quotation in the Actions area select Schedule New Actions and then the action BRF Call.

      • When the system has run through all the checks, release the quotation again.

      End of the note.
    • Check on the FS quotation and check on whether the loan amount exceeds the value of EUR 1,000,000 (application rating).

      These checks can have the following results:

      • The check on the quotation shows that the quotation is not possible in its current form.

        The system sets the status to Rejected. You can manually set the status toIn Process and make the corrections.

      • The check on the quotation is mediocre or the loan amount exceeds the value of EUR 1,000,000. If one or both of these checks is positive, the system starts an approval process:

        The system sets the status to For Checking. You can check the FS quotation again and then set the status to Approved.

      • The rating for the quotation is good and the loan amount does not exceed the value of EUR 1,000,000: the system approves the quotation automatically and sets the status to Automatically Approved.

  7. When the FS quotation has the status Approved or Automatically Approved, you print out the quotation and the contract partners sign it. When all contract partners have signed, you set the status to Signed.

    When the status of the FS quotation is Signed, the system automatically sets the status of the associated case to Closed.


SAP CRM distributes the FS quotation data to the connected back-end systems; it distributes the collateral data to collateral management and the loan data to loans management.

For more information, see Distribution of Loans Data and Distribution of Collateral Data.

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