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Procedure documentationMass Generating IPs


An IP that can act as the template IP exists in the system.

You have activated the business function Intellectual Property Management (CRM_IPM_1).


You use this procedure to create multiple intellectual properties (IPs) at once, instead of creating each IP individually. The system generates new IP proposals based on an existing template IP, after which you can edit the proposals individually as required.

During the mass generation procedure, the Log assignment block displays any messages relevant to the current step of the procedure (for example, errors when IP proposals cannot be generated).

Generating IP Proposals
  1. Navigate to the Operations work center.

  2. Under Create, choose Generate IPs.

  3. In the Generate Intellectual Properties assignment block, enter a template IP.

    To search for a template IP, open the value help. You can provide search criteria to narrow the results, or simply choose Search to return all IPs. Select the desired IP from the list of results.

  4. Enter the number of new IPs to be created.

    This is the number of IP proposals that will be generated. You can edit or delete these proposals later.

  5. If required, enter a superordinate IP.

    A superordinate IP is one to which the new IPs are to be assigned when they are created. If you enter a superordinate IP, you must also specify the type of relationship between the superordinate IP and the new IP proposals.

  6. In the Intellectual Properties assignment block, choose Create IP Proposals.

The system generates the IP proposals. You can customize the columns to be displayed in the Intellectual Properties table by choosing the Personalize pushbutton.

Once the proposals have been generated, you can edit or delete them as necessary. When you are finished, save the IP proposals as IPs in the system.

Editing IP Proposals

Some data (such as the product description) can be edited directly in the table. Other data can only be edited from the preview of the IP proposals. The following steps explain how to edit the data from the preview screen:

  1. In the Intellectual Properties assignment block, select the proposal you want to edit.

  2. Choose Preview.

  3. Enter the required data.

  4. Choose Back.

Displaying and Hiding Existing IPs

If you specify a superordinate IP and a relationship type when generating the IP proposals, the system displays all existing subordinate IPs of the superordinate IP for this relationship type along with the IP proposals. You can hide or display the existing IPs by choosing Hide Existing IPs or Display Existing IPs as required.

Note Note

If no IPs exist for the superordinate IP, or if no superordinate IP is specified when generating the IP proposals, this pushbutton is not available.

End of the note.
Restoring Default Proposal Values

If you edited the IP proposals and would like to undo your changes, you can restore the default proposal values as follows:

  1. In the Intellectual Properties assignment block, select any IP proposals that contain errors.

  2. Choose Restore Default Proposal Values.

Deleting IP Proposals
  1. In the Intellectual Properties assignment block, select the proposal you want to delete.

  2. Choose Delete.


The new IPs have been created and saved in the system.