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 High-Volume Marketing


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0

Technical Usage

CRM Core

Application Component

Segmentation (CRM_MKT_SEG)

Target Groups (CRM_MKT_SEG_TGR)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Not relevant

You can use this business function to accelerate marketing time and quickly generate audiences, segments, and target groups for marketing campaigns. You can import large external lists into SAP CRM at high speeds. You can execute large e-mail or newsletter campaigns in a timely manner.


You have installed the following components as of SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software component


Software component

SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX)

Segmentation with high data volume and External List Management


Segmentation (Normal and High Data Volume)
  • Single graphical modeler

    After activating this business function, you can work in one graphical modeling interface, regardless of whether you are segmenting a high or a normal data volume. Otherwise, this graphical interface is only available for segmentation with high data volume.

  • Context menu for segments and target groups in the graphical modeler

    Note that this feature is available from CRM 7.0 EHP1 SP04 onwards.

    When this business function is activated, each user can define in the user settings how he or she wants to call up the context menu for segmentation elements. You can call up the context menu by either using the secondary mouse button, or clicking the segment or target group with the primary mouse button and then using the pushbutton Options. The standard setting is to call up the context menu via the primary mouse button.

    Note that not all combinations of operating system and browser support calling up the context menu using the secondary mouse button. For more information about whether it is possible to call up the context menu using the secondary mouse button with your operating system and browser, see SAP Note 1334838. If this option does not function on your user interface, the Flash plug-in appears when you click the secondary mouse button.

  • Unified terminology

    The terminology that is only valid for segmentation with high data volume in SAP CRM 7.0 is now universally valid for segmentation with both normal and high data volume. You now always work with segmentation models and segments and no longer with profile sets and profiles.

  • Search using tags

    You can now assign tags to your segmentation models, segments, target groups, and product segments, and can use these tags to search for segmentation elements.

  • Enhanced filters

    This type of filter contains several selection criteria that are all linked by OR. Example: For the attribute “Country”, the values “France OR Germany OR Great Britain”.

  • Attribute sets for persons or organizations

    After activating this business function, you need to decide when creating an attribute set whether it is valid for persons or for organizations. You cannot create attribute sets that are valid for both.

  • Improved scheduling for archiving segmentation models

    With this business function, you can archive your segmentation models more easily by choosing a particular date on which to archive your segmentation models, using the To Be Archived From field. Without this business function, the To Be Archived checkbox is available, which you can use to select segmentation models for archiving without specifying a date.

    On the date you specified, the segmentation model is included in the archiving write program (system status archived) and is no longer visible on the user interface. Using the deletion program, the segmentation model is then deleted from the database.

Segmentation with High Data Volume

After activating this business function, the following segmentation functions are available for segmentation with high data volume:

  • Segmentation of marketing prospects

    In addition to business partners, you can now segment marketing prospects. However, you cannot combine business partners and marketing prospects within a segment or target group.

  • Segmentation based on relationships

    Segmentation based on relationships is now also possible for segmentation with high data volume and for the relationship Is Contact Person Of (relationship type BUR001).

    When modeling segments, you can now convert the business partner category organization into the business partner category person. This is especially relevant for segmentation based on relationships: If your segment contains organizations with assigned contact persons, you can split your segment by converting the organizations into relationships. This results in two segments: one segment that contains the organizations without assigned contact persons, and one segment with organizations with their assigned contact persons. In this way, you can refine your segment using filters that only apply to persons, and thereby reach the contact persons directly with your marketing campaign.

    To use this feature, you need to specify the business partner category to which the business partners in a data source belong (persons or organizations) when creating the data source.

  • Segmentation based on related objects

    Segmentation based on related objects is now also possible for segmentation with high data volume.

  • Data aggregation

    You can use TREX to aggregate data if you use SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator 7.20.

    For example, a customer places two orders with you, one in October with a revenue of 9,000 EUR and one in November with a revenue of 5,000 EUR. Now you want to search for customers that bought products from you in the last quarter with a total value of at least 10,000 EUR. Although the single orders of this customer do not exceed 10,000 EUR, the aggregated total revenue of both orders is 14,000 EUR. Therefore, with the data aggregation function activated, this customer would be included in the query results.

High-Volume Campaign Execution
  • Automated multi-wave campaigns with variable-volume communication

    You can use campaign automation to plan and execute campaigns that start with a large target audience, and then to focus on a smaller group, for example, those accounts and marketing prospects who respond positively.

  • Improved flexibility for correspondence languages for mail campaigns

    In campaign execution, you can optionally choose whether the correspondence language of the business partner is to be considered. In campaign execution, you can also define a default language for mail communication.

  • Improved compatibility and usability for personalized mail

    An availability check for attributes can be performed if the attributes are supported by business partners or marketing prospects.

  • Dedicated user interface for file export

    A dedicated UI is available for file export. You insert attributes in a table. This UI replaces the integrated text editor and word processor when you are exporting files.

  • Easy access to high-volume export files

    When you execute a high-volume campaign, you can navigate directly from the campaign to the file server or Web server where the file export files are stored.

External List Management for High-Volume
  • Improved mapping format for marketing prospects

    Mapping format for marketing prospects has been enhanced with organization information. This allows you to use a person with organization contact information as a target for marketing campaigns.

  • Improved usability for marketing prospects

    You can filter marketing prospect search results based on Segmentation Basis GUID filter criteria using the Business Add-In, BAdI: Define Additional Search Attributes for MP.

    Search for marketing prospects has been enhanced with the following attributes:

    • Company name

    • Marketing attributes

    • Converted to BP

    Overview page for marketing prospect has been enhanced with the following attributes:

    • Organization information

    • Rented information

    • BP conversion information

  • Usage tracking of rented marketing prospects

    With this business function, you can now track the usage of rented marketing prospects. You can also ensure that the rented marketing prospects are not used beyond permitted usage.

  • Conversion of marketing prospect to business partner

    Enhancements to conversion of marketing prospect to business partner include the following:

    • You can carry out single conversion for a marketing prospect who is a contact person in an organization or an individual. You can carry out mass conversion using the mapping format with the corresponding fields for the filter criterion “Person”.

    • An interaction center agent can convert a marketing prospect to a business partner in the case of inbound calls. You can authorize the interaction center agent to manually convert the marketing prospect to a business partner. The conversion can also be automated.

    • After a marketing prospect is converted to a business partner the Converted to BP checkbox is automatically selected and the marketing prospect ID is stored on the business partner.

  • Upload marketing prospects to TREX

    With this business function, you can upload marketing prospect data to TREX. The data uploaded to TREX is available for segmentation.

  • Improved data cleansing for external lists

    Postal correctness check and duplicate check of external lists is enhanced using the Data Services XI 3.1 Data Quality Management for SAP solutions. This tool is used along with the default implementation of the Business Add-In, BADI_BS_DUPLICATE_FUZZY. It is not mandatory to use the Data Quality Management tool but SAP recommends it for improved data cleansing.

  • Improved management of rented external lists

    Deletion of marketing prospects generated from rented external lists deletes all the rented rented business partners created from the marketing prospects.

  • Easy access to target group overview page

    You can now navigate directly to the overview page of the target group from the overview page of the external list after you create a target group.