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Object documentationKnowledge Article


A piece of information that can be used to resolve an issue.

Example Example

An interaction center agent searches for knowledge articles, which can include documents, links to Web sites, and screenshots, to help resolve callers' problems.

End of the example.


You can record details in a knowledge article, such as language, description, and keywords, in addition to the categories assigned to the knowledge article. You can also record short notes about, for example, solutions or workarounds to problems.

You can specify administration details, such as the dates during which the knowledge article is valid, the priority of the knowledge article, or its status.

Under the relevant assignment blocks, you can add various pieces of information, such as objects and transactions, to the knowledge article, as well as assign the knowledge article to other related pieces of information.


A knowledge article can be integrated with the following objects:

  • Incident

  • Problem

  • Request for change

A knowledge article that has been used to process a particular incident, problem, or request for change can be attached to other similar incidents, problems, and requests for change as a related knowledge article.

A knowledge article can also be linked to other transactions, such as service requests, service orders, or complaints.