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Object documentationAuthorization Concept for the Notification Framework


With the authorization concept of the Notification Framework, you can control which users are allowed to do the following:

  • Displaying and editing subscriptions

  • Subscribing and unsubscribing to service requests or subscriptions

  • Supervising and administering subscriptions

In addition, the subscriptions are protected against misuse. All subscribers are informed when a subscription has been changed or deleted. This is also true when the list of subscribers has been changed.


Authorization object CRM_NF_API

With authorization object CRM_NF_API, you can control which users are able to create (or generate), display, change, or delete a subscription. You can restrict these authorizations to single business object types. If a user has no authorization to create or edit subscriptions for a business object type, the business object type is not available in the input help for field Object Type in the subscription maintenance screen.

The authorization object checks if the user is the creator of a subscription. He or she is only allowed to change or delete subscriptions that he or she has created.

Users that have the display authorization are allowed to display all subscriptions.

Authorization object CRM_NF_SUB

With authorization object CRM_NF_SUB, you can control which users are able to subscribe or unsubscribe to a service request or a subscription.

If a user does not have the authorization to subscribe or unsubscribe, the system reacts as follows:

  • The subscribe/unsubscribe button is not active, when a user displays a subscription.

  • The subscribe/unsubscribe entry in the button bar is not active when a user displays or edit a service request.

Note Note

If a user wants to subscribe or unsubscribe to a subscription or a service request, he or she needs the authorization to read a subscription in addition (authorization object CRM_NF_API).

End of the note.
Authorization object CRM_NF_SUP

With authorization object CRM_NF_SUP, you can create a supervisor role for the Notification Framework. This authorization object automatically includes the full authorizations that are part of the authorization objects CRM_NF_API and CRM_NF_SUB. In addition, the authorization object provides the following:

  • Users assigned the change activity can do a mass update. They are able to change the validity and the status for several subscriptions at once.

    In addition, they are allowed to change all subscriptions regardless of whether they are the creators of the subscriptions. They can prevent other users from unsubscribing to a subscription.

  • Users assigned the display activity are able to display all subscriptions.

  • Users assigned the delete activity can delete several subscriptions at once. This enables you to keep the amount of subscriptions manageable and to reduce the load for search queries.

  • Users assigned the create activity can create a subscription.

You can restrict these authorizations also to specific business object types.