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Function documentationKits in the Sales Order


You can enter products in the sales order that are represented in SAP APO as kits. Kits consist of a number of components. Depending on the results of the availability check, the kit remains as one item in the sales order or is broken down into components to reflect the availability of the components.

Example Example

An example for a kit is a car headlight. The headlight, which is the kit main item, consists of a housing, several bulbs as well as a reflector, which are the kit komponents.

End of the example.


In addition to SAP CRM the following system requirements apply:

  • SAP SCM 5.0

  • SAP ECC 6.0

The system configuration for service parts management is active.

For more information on prerequisites and features of the availability check for kits, see the SAP Library for SAP SCM under Start of the navigation path SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization Next navigation step Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) Next navigation step Check Methods Next navigation step Connection to Production Next navigation step Availability Check for Kits. End of the navigation path


When you enter a product which is modelled in SAP APO as a kit in the sales order, the following cases are possible when availability check is carried out in SAP APO:

  • If SAP APO confirms availability of an assembled kit, then the kit is not broken down into components in the sales order. The item does not have any subitems.

  • If SAP APO cannot confirm availability of a assembled kit, SAP APO starts the kit-to-order process and checks availability for the kit components. SAP APO then transfers the results of the availabilty check for the components back to SAP CRM. In SAP CRM, the kit item is broken down into subitems in the sales order. The subitems have schedule lines indicating their availability.

You can control in the item category whether pricing or billing is done for the kit or for the kit components. In the IMG for SAP Customer Relationship Management, select Start of the navigation path Transactions Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Define Item Categories End of the navigation path.

The following characteristics apply:

  • Kits can be rounded. However, kit components cannot be rounded.

  • Kit component subitems cannot be deleted manually.

  • Availability check can only be started on the main item of the kit.

  • Kits are always sourced from a single location.

  • Only complete kits can be delivered.


The following example shows how the system carries out availability check for kits: Example: ATP Check for Kits - Mixed Case.