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Function documentationNotification Framework


The Notification Framework enables you to keep your business partners informed about the status and the progress of business transactions. It enables you to subscribe yourself or a group of persons to a transaction or to transactions that have specific attributes.

Example Example

  • You want to ensure that all parties involved in a service request are informed when the service request has changed.

  • You are the central contact for a customer. You want to get automatically informed when the customer contacts your service desk.

  • You are the reporter of an incident. You want to get informed about the progress of an incident.

  • You are the processor of an incident. You want to get informed when critical processing time thresholds are reached. For more information, see Management of Processing Times.

End of the example.


Currently, you can use the Notification Framework for service requests and master service requests.


You have activated the business function Notification Framework and E-Mail (CRM_ITSM_ALERTS).

  • You have configured the required communication channels (transaction SCOT).

  • You have configured the Notification Framework in Customizing of Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Transactions Next navigation step Settings for Service Requests Next navigation step Notification Framework End of the navigation path.

    For more information, see Customizing of Notification Framework.


You can subscribe to a transaction or subscription in the following ways:

  • You create a subscription and define the conditions that a business transaction has to fulfill. Conditions can be attributes of a business transaction as well as specific business transactions.

  • You subscribe to a subscription.

  • You subscribe to a business transaction.

Whenever a business transaction is changed that fulfills the conditions defined in the subscriptions, all persons subscribed to the business transaction are informed.

You can use the following communication channels to inform the subscribers:

  • E-mail

  • SMS (short message service)

  • Alert

  • Customer-specific Web services. For more information, see SAP Note 1731580.

You can enable your users to create their own subscriptions or to create subscriptions for a couple of users (business partners, members of an organizational unit). You can define customer-specific conditions to be available for the creation of subscriptions. For the supervisors of the subscriptions, several functions are available to control the process and to reorganize the database.